May 2019 Memory Maker Share


My family of 3 would like to share a memory maker package for our May 7-18 2019 trip. Please contact me if interested or know of others already looking for another family to share with.


Are you from Colorado?

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I prefer not to use slang. ; o )

Hello. My name is Christine (TPlurker, I do not post much ) I was JUST talking to my daughter a few minutes ago about trying to do a Memory Maker Share! We will be there May 10-14th! I have not idea how to do this but would be very interested in sharing with a few families. Thanks!

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Sweet! Let me copy the summary of instructions I made from the book last year below. Since last year, Disney added a friends and family limit of 25. How many in your group?

That does not sound TOO complicated. It will only be the 2 of us! Mother’s Day with my daughter at Magic Kingdom, what could be better???


My friend and I are going May 1-7 and would love to join your share!

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I found the post for the rest of the summarized instructions. The only thing new for me would be how to setup a dummy photopass account. But, but I do have a teenager that setsup dummy accounts for a past time. ; o ). …

Three Deadlines:

  1. Purchase MM 3days before first day of earliest participants date window
  2. Once the first picture is downloaded, additional pictures can be added for only 30 more days.
  3. Pictures expire 45 days after they were taken.

These are the next action items:

  1. Collect funds
  2. Purchase MM before 3d of first picture
  3. Assign MM to new account for Share on MDE (Name, address, and email address must be different from the Leaders primary MDE account)
  4. Link participants MDE accounts as Family & Friends- generates invitations via email
  5. Participant accepts invitation and edits permissions to
  • Add to family list and select these options,
  • for Invite to plan and share, choose View only shared activities
  • for Share photopass Photos, choose this friend can view and purchase my photopass photos
  1. Verify that MM is active with confirmation # and assigned to leaders account name.
  2. Leader invites other participant’s family members traveling this May.
  3. Distribute Leader login and password as all editing, downloading, and uploading from photopass cards must happen in this MDE dummy account (even though you can see the photos in your real MDE).

Picture Download Procedure for agreement:

  1. After all participants return home, Leader clicks “Download All” for an unedited version of all pics.
  2. Participants can access and save zip files.
  3. Window for editing pictures.
  4. Leader clicks “Download All” to capture all photos and all edits.
  5. Participants can access and download all unedited and edited zip files.

Deadline Worksheet
A. First participant first day in park.
B. Last participant last day in park.
C. Last day to order MM. (A-3)
D. First photo expires. (A+45)
E. Date of first download. (B to D)
F. Last day to add more pictures. (E + 30)
G. Date of final download. (Before D)


Team 1
@IMMommyDearest (3) 7-18 May
@TPlurker (2) 10-14 May
@carthy15 (2) 2-7 May
@HollyN (5) 7-11 May

Could be California or Oregon too!

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First day in parks will be May 2 for us. May 1 will be a travel day.

I corrected the potential first picture date. Welcome to our photoshare!

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Yay! Thank you!

We will be there May 7-11th. I’d be interested in getting in on a share. It seems like an awful lot to pay for just a short trip.

Welcome @HollyN! How many in your party?

There are 5 of us total.

Welcome to the share! I added you to Team 1. : o )

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Hello! We are going May 11-15 and interested in a MM share. However do we have to wait until after the trip to download and share pics on social media? Our family likes to follow along via social media while we are on our Disney trips! So it might be that it doesn’t work out for us. Thanks for your help!

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You can see the pictures in My Disney Experience. I believe they are watermarked; I do not use social media. Typically these shares require no downloads from memory maker until a specified day after all friended parties in the share team are back home.

Thank you, that is what I was expecting. Looks like a share may not be a good idea for us this trip!