MaxPass - wait time between bookings

I know I can book another MaxPass after I tap into the attraction that is using the existing MP reservation. However, let’s say, I book a World of Color MP at 8:30am as I get into the park. How long before I can book another that morning?

I have read and seen YouTube videos that say anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

It can vary. I have been able to pull as fast 10 minutes (or sooner if I tap into the ride) and the max you will have to wait is 90 minutes. I would take a screen shot of when it tells you to pull your next FP. No worries if you forget, if you try and pull a FP too early, the program will tell you to comeback at the designated time .

I guess this is why I’m confused. Why does that window of time vary? I understand I can get more as I use them, but isn’t something consistent like “you must always wait 1 hour between bookings if you aren’t tapping into an existing one first”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like it if I only have to wait 10 - 30 minutes between booking evening MaxPasses. I’m just trying to plan out getting the MaxPasses for all the “must do” night time rides & shows first thing in the morning while I can still walk on to rides.

You don’t have to time the night time shows – they do not count against your ability to book FPs. When I was there, I booked the first attraction I wanted, and then right away booked the shows. The spacing for attractions was 90 minutes, or after your return time for your existing attraction FP – whichever came first.

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So… if I book Radiator Springs Racers for, say 7:30pm, as I enter the park at 9am I should be able to book my next FP at 10:30am?


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But I should add, I think you can only hold 2 attraction FPs with MaxPass at a time, so by booking a late evening FP you are limiting your ability to get multiples earlier in the day.

That’s good to know. That’s something that I hadn’t heard or seen before!

I’m not planning on doing it much, but I do have one day where “night time” rides are my priority. I’m seeing 60 - 80 minutes waits on those rides once the MaxPasses run out.

In theory, that is correct, but that early in the morning it will not be distributing FPs that late yet. You are more likely to see them for 10:30-11ish for RSR. Evening hour FPs tend to start being available around 12:00-1ish if it medium to higher CLs. When I went last summer, I watched the days prior to going on the app to get a rough idea of when I would need to pull a night fp, as an evening ride on RSR was a high priority.

As far as only being able to hold two fps through MaxPass is incorrect. I have been able to stack as many as 4 fps before. It really just depends on the timing.

As for the fp return time variability, it depends on the fp return time window. If I pull one for HM for 2:15, I can pull another fp at or after 2:15, even if I don’t tap in yet. So I have pulled a fp for HM while waiting in SB for pirates at 2:00 for 2:15 for HM, then a BTMRR at 2:15 for 2:40 and then pulled a SM at 3:00 for 5:05, all before I tapped into HM at 3:10. I am sure that is confusing. It will make much more sense once you start using it.


You have more experience than I so I defer to you!!! But for what it is worth, when I tried to book a third following the 90 minute and already-past-in window, I got a You-can’t-have-this-many message.

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This article from Undercover Tourist lists out rules and strategies. They appear consistent with my experience, but these things are always subject to change so you may have to adjust your strategy on the ground.

Here is the relevant part:

If a ride’s return window is less than 30 minutes away, then the waiting period is 30 minutes (unless you activate the FASTPASS within that 30 minutes — once you scan it at a ride, it erases the waiting period and you are then free to make another reservation). Let’s say at 9 a.m. you book a FASTPASS that is from 9:05 a.m. to 10:05 a.m. and you scan in at the FASTPASS Return Immediately , then you can book a new ride right away, because that waiting period is lifted. But if you wait until 9:40 a.m. to ride, then you have to wait until 9:30 a.m. (when the 30 minute waiting period is over) to select the next FASTPASS.

If the return window begins between 30-90 minutes from when you booked it, then the waiting period ends as soon as the return window begins; so if at 2 p.m. you reserve a ride that has a return window of 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., you can make your next reservation as early as 3:15 p.m. when the return window opens.

When you choose a ride that has a return time that begins more than 90 minutes from booking, then your waiting period is 90 minutes. Being able to see all of the available rides and return window choices can help you plan and make decisions to best manage your day. You can have multiple FASTPASS reservations at a time. You just have to book the next one after the waiting period ends. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to book the next ride as soon as you are eligible.


Thank you sooo very much! That makes perfect sense with your example. I get it now.

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I have never gotten that message, hmmm? The last time I specifically remember stacking that many was last summer (I was very proud of myself). I thought I was able to stack at least three this summer, but I don’t remember specifically. Maybe things have changed.

ETA: I have reluctantly decided that I need to go back in the near future to test my stacking capabilities. I will report back my findings. The things I will endure for research!


We were able to stack 4 at a time in July pretty easily.


I definitely got the message, but I may well have been doing something wrong!

We were at DCA last Wednesday. Not sure what the calendar crowd level was, but we booked a 7:55pm RSR around 2 or 3pm, I think. (And promptly forgot about it; we were finishing dinner around 8 when the FP popped up on my phone and really made our night.)


Okay, good. I was beginning to think I was crazy! I still think I need to go back just make sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Of course! A trip in the name of research is always appropriate! I will be back 1 month from today. I love Halloween time in the parks.


I agree with Karen, you must go back. For science (and Halloween is a perfect secondary reason).


This is a very great & clear explanation! I’ll have to bookmark this for future sharing use.