MASSIVE Disney irritation

In 29 days I’m going to be standing at a desk asking an immigration officer to let me into the country. You can be damn sure I’ll be wearing a red hat and using a four letter acronym and chanting “USA! USA!”


Hey, this [special needs] momma with special needs kids [and husband] totally gets it. When my OCD was not under control I tended to perseverate when things no longer were in my control and it would take my husband to [nicely] point out that I was doing so for me to even notice when I was doing it. Thankfully I’m on meds that control it now, but it was an awful time for me. Mine is purely organic in nature; no past experiences that caused it, just a very screwed up thyroid. However, I understand how past experiences can color (or is it colour) current reactions. Thank you for “over”-sharing. You’ll get no stones from me.


Okay, this is just my opinion. I’m a huge believer in face to face interactions. So, what you can do is pay whatever the cancellation fee is now, make a copy of your credit bill (and emails) and when you’re at YC, bring it up to a manager onsite, and ask them if they can work their Disney magic and refund you on the spot. If you do it in person, they will most likely take your concerns seriously ( I hate dealing with Disney on the phone, waste of my time). Even if they don’t reimburse you directly, they may be able to give you a discount on your room or maybe give you gift cards to compensate for your aggravation with them.

The point is that they won’t cancel the room, he’s not bothered about the fee because he knew he would have to pay it.



I received an e-mail this afternoon — so around 24 hours after the one I sent yesterday — from the cancellations team. (I have not yet heard from customer relations.)

They have agreed to cancel the room. It’s already gone from MDE — which is quick, because hotel changes usually take at least 24 hours to show up. And a refund (minus the £50) is on its way.

There was a long section explaining everything which, to be honest, I only really skim read as it was all pretty much boilerplate stuff.

Am now waiting to hear from customer relations (i.e. hoping for free stuff). And to check that I don’t lose any of my FPPs. I shouldn’t do as they fall under the protection of my YC reservation.


Yay! Here’s hoping for some pixie dust all around!

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Credit for room cancellation has just appeared on my credit card. Which is pretty quick, given that they cancelled the room yesterday.

FPPs all intact so far.

No word from guest relations, i.e. no free stuff. As yet.


Goodness I’ll look forward to sleeping well tonight.

Of course this has nothing to do with your news. Just not working a full 12 and expect to be fast asleep by 0030 EDT


I came to this thread late. Glad it worked out. But I, like you, have my own domain where I have a forwarding email to my ACTUAL email address. So, like you, I can’t actually send emails from that address. I’m taking this as a lesson learned that with Disney, it might be better to use my ACTUAL email address, rather than the alias. (But the alias one is so much easier to give out.)

It IS possible for me to convert my domain into having full-on email capabilities for about $10/month (last I checked). But you have to do it for a year at a time, so I don’t.

I do wonder if it would have been possible to call them up and tell them that you have to update your email address. Not that it matters now. Sounds like all is fine for now.

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It all seems to have worked out in the end, yes.

OK, so there’s been a slightly weird development.

You may remember that I called to change my BC reservation for next year — I was worried about having gone for a standard room, so I changed to garden view.

Well, I checked MDE today to make sure it had updated the reservation. And it now says, “Garden View - Club Level”.


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Just wanted to add, every time I see the title of this post I think of the dreaded EPCrotch. Now that is a MASSIVE Disney irritation…,


Did they upcharge you for the club level?

There was an additional charge to switch to “garden view”, but it was only £20.

Wow. That’s a pickle. I mean, if they made a mistake and are giving you a club level room at the non-club-level price, that’s a deal. If you don’t say anything, however, they might realize the mistake and then charge you the difference later. (You could probably argue away the upcharge, though.)

But if you DO say something, you might lose out on the “free” upgrade.

If it were me, I’d probably contact them and set it straight just to be safe, even if it means only ending up getting the room you intended to get all along! :slight_smile:

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The CM who made the change did say she was having difficulty finding a garden view room. My Disney invoice doesn’t mention club level.

I just checked the Disney Website. From the description, it sounds like the only difference between the room itself (Club versus not) is the addition of the DVD player in the Club room. The other added amenities that getting a Club level room really don’t have to do with the room itself (access to the Health Club, etc). So perhaps she had to place you in a club level room, but you won’t be getting club level service.

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I don’t care about the DVD player as this isn’t the 1990s.

I can live without the services of a concierge, too.

But what’s to stop me going into the lounge and eating the food?

I’ve looked at TP room finder and there are very few single room bedrooms at BC at club level: they’re all in a little cluster at the end of a corridor. I’m assuming it’ll be one of those. They all seem to have good views, so no stress about that any more.

Only 393 days until I find out!

Right. In that case, I won’t worry about it. You’ll probably change resorts three more times by then! :wink:

Sorry. Not change. Refine. Improve. Yada yada yada.