MASSIVE Disney irritation


I’d need a very good reason. I chose BC because I want to focus this trip on Epcot and DHS. (My trip this year is focussed on the monorail resorts.) I want to be able to walk everywhere. It’ll be my first trip fully on-property.

I would have preferred YC, but I got the free-dining/gift card deal, and that wasn’t offered at YC.

I wanted either BC or YC for Stormalong Bay, which is why I wasn’t interested in BW. And the Swan and Dolphin are weird-looking and don’t count as Disney resorts in my book.

It costs money to change, unless you change to something more expensive.

So I don’t see me making any changes, other than cancelling the trip altogether.

I’m liking the view from my room, lol.


It is beautiful, actually. Very nice indeed.

BTW, just for the record…we use our DVD (well, Blu-ray, but mostly for DVDs) player a lot. We check DVDs out from the library constantly or check movies out from Redbox. Most of what we care to watch isn’t available to stream even though we have both Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming. We actually used the in-room DVD player a few years ago when the tropical storm hit.

I’m so glad I’m not alone.

I don’t have any useful words regarding hoop jumping, but I can send a bottle of this over.


If you are placed in a CL room you will have access.

All I have to do is keep checking MDE for the next 393 days to make sure it still says “club level”. And then see what happens when I check-in.


My guess is that when they heard it was @profmatt, they immediately realized the need to upgrade you. Your reputation precedes you, apparently!


Perhaps it will carry over to his forum acquaintances?! We can hope, but alas, there is no club level at Pop Century




I was going to say maybe they were like “He needs to quit changing every day! Maybe jf we put him Club Level he will stop!”

But then I change a LOT and have never gotten bumped up to a room to make me stop and think.

So probably not.

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From what I can tell, the advantage to me of Club Level is primarily the view from the room. If the TP room finder is to be believed, there are only about eight rooms that are Club Level, garden view, two queen beds. All have perfectly fine views.

Move out of Club Level and it’s more of a crap shoot. Some have even better views, some have worse.

The free food might be convenient occasionally.

Would you also be able to purchase additional fpp at 90 days?

I don’t know. I daren’t ask!

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I wondered that as well. Guess you’ll just have to log on at 90 days and see. I hope you’ll let us know :grimacing:

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I don’t think that’s how it works. I think you have to call Disney to book the additional FPPs. It’s not a great system. Of course it may change. There are 303 days for it to do so.

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