March Hotwire Deals

I posted this over on chat earlier… meant to post here and got sidetracked!

Howdy Everyone: If looking for March deals at Disney resorts, time to unbate your breath and head to Hotwire!


Thanks again, another great article!

Interesting, it seems Hotwire charges additional $ per person. I put in two rooms: 1 adult, 2 children in each room and CSR hot rate was $140/night. Still a good discount but took me a minute to figure out why the difference compared to your table. Over the last month while I was impatiently waiting for these March Hotwire deals I cashed in on CC rewards points for gift cards - CSR was quoted $215/night (+tax) but I’m looking at the rewards gift cards as essentially free money so my out of pocket turned out to be <$140 per room per night all in with taxes and fees, I’m satisfied :slight_smile:


Ahh, I didn’t mention it in this post, but with Hotwire hidden deals you want to just enter 1 or 2 adults in a room, then call or chat with HW later and have them add the kids.

There’s a weird bug that charges you extra for the kids even though Disney doesn’t charge extra for kids!


good to know! I’ll remember that next time :wink:

Could I do it again in March? There is one weekend where the round trip flight is $44.80 on Frontier. I mean these insane deals are taunting me to just come every couple of months. Ha ha




This has me rethinking all my plans for mid-March…

I’m currently booked off-site with a rental car. This will be the first time in a long time that I’ll be at WDW without an AP, so I have to remember that parking fees are a thing and that they really add up. :grimacing: My current total for hotel (8 nights), rental car, 8 days of parking at WDW, plus tolls and gas, is just about $1400, give or take.

With rates like the ones shown above, on-site is very tempting, especially since they are still doing ME. Do you have a guess as to how close to travel days these deals are typically still available? My hotel and car are both fully refundable, which gives me some peace of mind given how quickly travel restrictions can change these days. I hesitate to do anything non-refundable a whole month out, but if I could wait until a week or so before departure, I might make the switch to CSR at those prices!

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Lately all of the deals I’ve checked lasted until at least a few days before the date, if not right up to it.

I don’t re-check all dates of course once I find them, I usually check a sample of dates each day to spot new deals, then when I find them I hit the rest of the month. In the course of doing that I’ll usually hit a few near dates just to get a feel for changes, if any.

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That’s helpful. Thanks!

I was able to book CSR two days before for MLK weekend


I booked the flight cuz I’m willing to take the $45 credit for something later with a $0 change fee being offered right now. I’ll wait on the hotel since that’s completely non-refundable but I may do this again seriously. I kinda want to drag someone with me this time…so I need some time to make that happen.


You must!


I think Yacht has extended at least thru that first week of March. I see rooms showing up March 4-7 for $301/night on hotwire today. Sounds like maybe no pool slide though.

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Cool, thx for the update!

I have an idea, but I’m wrestling on how risky it is and whether it is worth the hassle. My reservation is 100% refundable, the portion I paid with gift card will be restored. The problem is I’ll have no use for gift cards, so I’m thinking about a gift card exchange site, such as card cash. I’ve never done that before, but I can sell my gift cards ($705 balance will get me $535 cash (I’d lose some value but since I got these with credit card rewards I’m not too concerned if ultimately I get a better use out of them). With the $535 cash I can buy $550 in Disney Gift Cards on card cash (3.3% savings).

If I do this, I would:

  1. book CSR hot rate, 2 rooms 1 adult in each room, add 2 kids to each room and link to MDE
  2. cancel fully refundable reservation and get the value back on gift cards
  3. trade sell/buy GC’s on card

Basically I’d be out no additional cash but would get some Disney gift cards to use for food, etc. Now that I’ve written it all out I think I’ll go for it!

It’s a pretty safe bet. If you use the phone app you know you’re on the right one because it’ll say “the last person got Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort”

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I really liked CSR but I’m toying with the idea of trying something new becuz that’s the kind of person I am. So my $45 flight gets me All Star Movies for something diff. But if I move the flight back a week and pay $100 more for the flight I can get Pop and the Skyliner. I’ve never stayed at Pop or been on the skyliner and it appeals to me more than All Star Movies because i wasnt a super big fan of All Star Music but I really liked AoA. I was gonna ask what would you do but now I write it out if I do this I’d rather do Pop and go a week earlier. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m at Pop right now. And I love the skyliner. I was able to rope drop DHS yesterday and got MMRR and MFSM before park opening.

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Lol! Yes exactly!!

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