March 13-20 2021 ish travlers

I have picked up some St.Patricks hats(with attached beards) and decorations for room. Everyone also got baby Yoda shirts for Thanksgiving(because they say Joy to the Galaxy).
Anyone doing any shirts or anything special for their trip?

We are at wdw 3/13-18. Staying at OKW, solely because DS has a friend whose family will be at OKW also.


I like OKW, and love breakfast at olivias

No special shirts for us, just as many Disney themed shirts as we can dredge up. We did make some homemade Mickey ears though so now my girls each have 4 different pairs to wear. :slight_smile:

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We’re the 13th-20th too. Split stay with SSR and OKW. We’re getting 2 bedrooms both places since we’ll be eating in the room almost exclusively. Haven’t stayed at either so I’m really looking forward to it! No special shirts this trip although we usually do. My parents are coming with us too.

popupcamper, I hope you love both resorts. Are you familiar w DVC kitchens. What are you thinking about cooking?

We enjoy OKW, but we were at BWV in October and BCV over Thanksgiving. We were spoiled with walking to HS and EP! I love OKW’s 2 bedrooms, and the fabulous balcony! But I never cook while on vacation!

No we’ve never stayed DVC. WE’ve ordered Garden Grocer and are planning lasagna, spaghetti, tacos, and ordering pizza. We have breakfast foods and sandwiches too. Our plan is one meal a day in the parks but grabbing quick service to eat outside.

Order a foil pan for the lasagna, not sure there is a 9×13 pan. I usually make breakfast 5 of the 7 days and I will make pizza snacks in late evenings. I also bring a few dishwasher tabs from home. And also a few washer pods so I can do laundry 2 times a day(lights/darks). I hope you have a great trip

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Oooh I hadn’t thought of dishwasher pods. Thanks! The lasagna is a stouffers so minimal work.


Ok started picking up supplies. Got my St. Patricks gear, got the candy snack boxes and gum. 30 day mark I put the suitcases in the guest room. What are you. Doing?

Just got some gift cards at sams

I don’t do much at this point. I start making a list of what to pack. It’s based off my standard list, but varies due to season. I also check neurotically for any ADRs I didn’t get, or got a wild hair to get. Check crowd calendar, park hours, etc. Currently debating renting a car…We rented in Oct & Nov, and not having to wear a mask in the car is fabulous, but I’d rather leave the driving to Disney. We have APs/hoppers, so a car would be easier. Anyone else having the same dilemma?

BFF lives 900 miles away, so we try to do a girls trip each year. 2020 obviously didn’t have a girls trip. She and her family of 8 are recovering from Covid. She texted me today that she’s ready to plan a trip for 2021. I said I’m ready, when and where? She said Disney? I asked when. She asked if March was too soon! So, we’re trying to see if her calendar can accommodate her leaving the family on 3/7 and she and I spending 5 nights, then she flies home and my crew fly in! Fingers crossed!

Happy planning, all!!!

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I have 2 cars on hold a midsize and suv. I love having a rental car, but dreading the no tram at MK…because I will have a scooter. So not 100% sure about that. I like your plan with your BFF

FWIW, the lower capacity at parks in Oct & Nov had us not really needing the tram. It was a pretty easy and quick walk to all parks without paying the high dollar costs for preferred parking. Although, I have no idea what capacity supposedly is now, or will be over Spring Break. I’m thinking I’ll book a car and just see how things are as we get closer.

I’m liking the plan with my BFF, too! I’ll know in the next day or two if we can make it work!

I will be there March 14-20 at Dolphin!

Yay Laura!!!

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Southwest keeps changing flights so I keep changing ME. And with this latest change we decided to stay one more night and fly out Sunday instead. So we get three hotels this trip. Last night is going to be Gran Destino now. No parks on departure day which will be a first for us. I’m excited about three new hotels in one trip.

@popupcamper I’m excited that you are in the tower. I am sensing lots of packing cubes in you future. We are flying out Sat night fingers crossed.