Marathon Weekend 2024

I took a look at the run disney site, and it looks like you may be using the marathon training plan that transitions you from the W&D Half for advanced runners?

I looked at my calendar and started counting backwards from week 10 of the plan (race sunday). By my count, you should be on week 2 of that plan.

Based on your comments, I assume you did week 3?

I did more mileage before the half and then made sure I spent time on my feet doing many more steps the day of the half so that my total mileage that day was high.




I was looking at my training plan today and it dawned on me…

We are six weeks out from bib pickup! :hushed:


I know crazy right!?! :scream:

This x’s a million!

You’ve got this @FeatherYogi ! I like to tell myself when the miles seem to get unbearably hard, that the hard miles are exactly what the training is for. If it was all easy, then what’s the point of training. When I hit a wall and keep going, I tell myself, these are the miles that count the most (no matter how slow they are).

Keep up the great work! (Soo envious that you get to train in Central Park!) And as @Shellott_hill said, your victory lap is coming!!


Thanks but to get in the mules I went through some industrial areas in the Bronx too. Sadly the Central Park loop is only about 6 miles or so

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