Marathon Weekend 2024

The start of the next Marathon weekend thread.

Event Details:

…Jan. 3 - Race Bib pickup begins
…Jan. 4 - 5k
…Jan. 5 - 10k
…Jan. 6 - Half Marathon
…Jan. 7 - Marathon


…Apr. 04 - Club runDisney registration
…Apr. 11 - General registration
…Apr. 14 - Virtual registration


I had an email come cross my desk this morning mentioning a charity bib registration for the weekend was available.

I am wavering back and forth on whether I should sign-up for the charity bib or not. On one hand that would take way the stress on the morning of April 11. On the other hand, it seems too early for me to commit to January 2024!

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Which charity?

I have not seen a charity name specifically on the website. I am wondering if you can choose your own!

I will reach out to them and find out.

while browsing the website, I saw this one and thought of you!


My trip well cost a little bit less than that and I don’t even have to run at all! Well, unless a lion comes after me, I guess

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A friend really wants to do the Dopey in 2024. She’s trying to convince me to join and I’m seriously thinking about it. But lately my motivation for running has been ZERO. I put my shoes on, planning to run and I get outside and just walk. I can’t seem to make myself go faster :woman_shrugging:

I have done almost zero running for the past year.

You know what? It’s okay. It will come back when it’s ready.

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That’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself . . . that it is ok to listen to my body and if my body says it wants to walk, then that’s what I should do.

Hopefully if I do sign up for the Dopey, my body will be willing to pick up the pace :laughing:


So I’m thinking of a new wind mill to - not attack but strive for. A Disney 5k. I’m thinking it’s quite doable. Oh, I guess they’re goals not windmills.

I’ve never been a runner. Walking, which used to be no problem, is now a painful chore. Unless I’m pushing a shopping cart or stoller. Suddenly, the clock is rolled back and I can keep up with everyone else, nearly effortlessly.

While that’s still a thing (before arthritis catches up again), it’s fun to contemplate plunking down the dough at registration rope drop, make all the other reservations, come up with an awesome granny bounding outfit and roll along at the back of the pack. I’m thinking I’ve still got a few 13 minute miles in me. With the right wheels. :thinking:

The biggest hard no is all the other people. Seems off putting. :flushed::grimacing::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sounds like a great goal.

I noticed a number of people that were pushing walkers down the course in January. I did not know their circumstances, but I admired their drive to get it done.

You do you. If the 5k is in your future, we will be cheering for you!

…and by the way…

I agree. Crowds of people can be off-putting and gross. However, the excitement of competing for a race bib and planning all the dining reservations and park touring is intoxicating!


Thanks for starting the thread. Will be following along and looking forward to the event in January!

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My husband is going to try to get into Dopey, and our 14 year old son is trying for the 5K and 10K. I am not a runner, but would love to see them get into their races. Any advice for a successful registration? Multiple devices, multiple accounts? Should I try to register my son while my husband tries for his? Worst case scenario is my son gets into his and my husband doesn’t. Then, DH won’t want to go. For him, it’s Dopey or nothing!

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Good Morning fellow runners!

How did registration go this morning?

I made it into the Dopey again! DS = marathon and DD = 10k!

See y’all real soon.


I’m attempting to sign up for the half. My brothers and I want to run it together.

I was down to “45 minutes left” and it’s now back to “more than hour” left.


Good luck!!! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thanks! I didn’t realize how nerve wracking this would be. It reminds me of the good ole Fast Pass days.

Down to 45 minutes (again).


It is more stressful the the actual race!

5k is gone

That’s good to hear, since it’s been several years since I ran a half marathon!

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