Marathon Weekend 1/5 - 1/8/2023: The Main Thread

I was still able to book at Pop! this morning for my trip, which makes me happy…though I toyed with the idea of AoA - I’ve heard from everyone here how far away the Little Mermaid rooms are.


I will be at Pop. We got lucky last MW and were in the 90’s building. It was easy for me to limp to and from the buses for the races.


Looking for new earbuds for running. What are people’s favorites?

I have Air Pod Pros and I like them a lot, but the other day they were dead so my husband let me borrow his AfterShokz and that will be what I get next time around.


I saw some Beats on sale on Amazon today. Wondering if there was a big difference between those and airpod pros…I’ll look into those though. Thanks!

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I haven’t tried aftershockz, but I here they are pretty good.

I run around with a pair of Jabra 85ts

I saw aftershokz were a prime day deal today so I grabbed some to try out (36k reviews can’t be wrong, right?), but I’m generally happy with my airpod pros.

This is so helpful, thank you! I am surprised because I thought the half went through World Showcase; we go through less of the parks than I was expecting. Either way, seeing it mapped out like that is helpful. I’m glad you got in for Dopey!

I booked All Star Movies as soon as the packages for 2023 opened, just because I’ve noticed that traveling anywhere, getting a hotel and plane tickets and rental car etc, has just been difficult recently and I wanted to have at least SOMEthing on property. I really wanted to treat myself and get a room at AKL, since I’ve always wanted to stay there, but I decided that I need to be a bit more frugal until I know the outcome of some upcoming job interviews. I also looked at Port Orleans. I might rebook if A. I get one of these higher paying jobs (to celebrate, of course) and/or 2. a special deal comes out and there are some nicer rooms still available.

This is my first time going to Disney as a solo adult because my kids will be back in school that week. I feel a little guilty, but also excited because there are things my kids simply don’t let me do. For example there is MUTINY if I don’t book a chef mickey’s brunch. Well darn it this time I’m going to brunch where I want to brunch :rofl:


So fun!! I did W&D half last year solo and had a great time. Enjoy yourself!


I think I am going to do W&D next year. I love the food and wine festival so much! I only chose Disney Marathon because I was hoping to still be in academia, and this weekend fits more nicely into that kind of schedule (it’s the last week of winter break for all of the universities around me.) Now I’m a little irritated because it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen and I should have just done what I truly wanted. Not too irritated though because I still get to go :blush: I’m looking forward to spending most of my time in EPCOT and AK


Hello fellow Marathon Weekend-ers!

Thought I would reach out to see how everyone is doing on their running journey. We are 153 days away from the 5k. That is just about 23 weeks.

If any of you are planning on using the Galloway training programs: Training Programs & Guides | runDisney , you are about to start or have already begun!

I have been taking the past 13 weeks to get back into running 5-days a week. I will start my own custom 22 week Dopey plan next week. I have a Half Marathon scheduled for September 11th that I will treat as a training run. I haven’t run that distance since January 2022!

Have fun out there. Stay safe, healthy, and cool during these brutally hot summer runs.


It’s amazing how much you miss the misery …

Best wishes to all of you. I’ll join you again some day!


This is misery. Running in 103 degrees. We’ve been over 100 for like 3-4 weeks straight now…



Slogging through this summer heat makes the fall time (and race day) so pleasant. Keep up the solid work!

Not training for Disney but just completed week 4 of my training for the Dallas Marathon - did 10 miles today. First double digits run since January!

Y’all it’s sooo hot in Texas right now! I don’t know how I’m going to make it through August :hot_face:

I remember when @Shellott_hill was running in freezing temps and I was thinking, “how does he do it??” Well now you can wonder how @NoBellePrizeWinner and I are running in 100+ weather :crazy_face:


I come home and jump in the pool on my run gear without even bothering to change. It’s already soaked through—may as well cool down before I break a new sweat trying to peel it off. :joy:

Although the pool isn’t even that refreshing with how hot it’s been all summer.


I do the same! Today, I contemplated whether the neighbors could see me because I wanted to just take my clothes off and jump in. :laughing:


Yucko. On the positive side of things, you’d earn 9 points in a weird game my old running group used to play where you add the # of miles run to the # of degrees over 100 the miles were run in (I think we used the heat index…it was enough years ago I don’t recall exactly).

There is also a winter version involving windchill, but I don’t think Texans get to partake in that one.


I would love it if you came up with a version that includes the colder temperatures. I may win that one!


I think it was # miles plus # degrees below 0 windchill they were run in. In Illinois we got to play at both ends.

If you’re in Canada, I think you win by default.

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