Marathon Weekend 1/5 - 1/8/2023: The Main Thread

Thought I could collect everyone into weekend threads. Might make it easier to follow those threads that are most meaningful to people.

I’ll do each of the 2022/2023 weekends for now


Great idea! Anxiously waiting to register next month for my first Dopey. So glad I’m running with my besties and not tackling Dopey alone.


Thanks @OBNurseNH!
@JordanRunner I have loved your race reports! Question for you…how do you sign up to run for St. Jude’s? Do you register on the WDW site first and then go to the St. Jude site once you are registered or do you need to join a St. Jude team first? I’m just trying to get all my ducks in a row to register for the 1/2 during Marathon Weekend!
I can’t believe this might happen!!! When I think how wrecked I was a year ago this seems crazy!


Typically when you are running on a charity bib you work directly with the charity to obtain the bib and commit to the fundraising you’ll do. I ran for Alex’s Lemonade Stand one year. I believe they had a link through the runDisney site, but I definitely worked with the charity directly to get the bib.

Here is the link to the St Jude running for charity page: Find an event - St. Jude Heroes | St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

You can see that 2023 marathon is not yet listed.


Thanks so much! That makes sense. Thank for the link❤️


Good answer above. @Sandyh if you would like me to put you in contact with St. Jude send me a PM. Last year I registered myself for Dopey because Disney surprise-announced the registrations were opening up and charities only had like 1-2 weeks (can’t remember) to figure it all out. That was not enough time for them, so I had to register myself and then set up a non-bib fundraiser through St. Jude. That was kind of nice because I didn’t have a fundraising minimum. If you want to do the half through St. Jude officially, I would expect around $1500 minimum fundraising requirement. Sorry if this didn’t make sense. Swamped at work, but saw I was tagged here so wanted to respond. PM if you want to talk more about it. I’d love to get you connected.


Thanks so much!

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Just had to share…I ran my first 6 mile run yesterday and felt good! I still can’t believe it. It was just a year ago that I found out my heart was damaged (after months of blaming worsening fatigue on a stressful job). It’s been a long journey but things are looking up! To run the 1/2 at WDW was a goal I hadn’t really expected to be able to reach but it was a great motivator…one sneaker has a rundisney charm, the other has an “i run for life” in a heart charm. When I mentioned this crazy idea to a friend she said wanted to come cheer me on and just like that a 50th birthday, adults only, 1/2 Marathon trip is being planned! Now I just need to get a spot on registration day!


Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you! I love your shoe charms - how very meaningful!!


Thanks! You all have also been such an inspiration! Your marathon trip report was incredible!


And now it will be your turn!!! YOU get to be the inspiration! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


OMG! We are going retro for Marathon Weekend 2023.


What??? That’s awesome!!!


I had no plans to run marathon weekend, but I love this retro theme!! I just booked a DVC room for 3 nights & I’ll try to register for the 1/2 on the 19th.


I just posted on our old “ready to run thread” not realizing there was a whole run Disney category. So now that I am up to speed I will look for you all in the right place! Hope I get a bib for the full marathon


Helpful hint for the registration next week. The registration queue usually opens 15 to 20 minutes early. Not sure it has ever helped me move up in the line, as folks have joined later and gotten through checkout faster than me. But just an FYI to login a bit early.

Also use multiple devices if possible.

As you DO NOT want to refresh once you are in a queue it will reset your place. Scroll down on the page and you will see the status and confirm you are in the queue (expected wait time and place in queue). Good luck everyone!

For me, I’m going to pass on marathon weekend, but might do virtual for the retro 5K and 10k shirts. Nothing against Oswald, but I really want Chip and Dale to stay as the 10K ambassadors. Just wanted to pass along the info, as this registration will be daunting, everyone loves an anniversary and 90’s neon😎



I’m going to register for dopey even though DW hasn’t approved yet. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. Although in this case I’ve asked permission, she just hasn’t fully agreed yet. I was going to do St Jude Memphis marathon but I’ll do Dopey instead since it’s an anniversary year. DW seemed ok with that trade

ETA I’ve thought a lot about doing both but SJMM is a month before Dopey and my track record has included a running injury after both marathons I’ve run. So, running two a month apart probably wouldn’t happen

It’s Dopey and Marathon weekend being 10 and 30 year anniversaries respectively, I think Dopey is a good choice.

I’m hoping next year will have better supply chain logistics and runDisney can have some awesome anniversary merch for everyone.

Doing more than one Marathon every six months is pretty hard on the body. By scheduling two within 4-6 weeks would be pretty hard to recover from. Your thought on picking one or the other is the right one.

I have seen many people recommend one day of recovery for every mile that you run. So if you run the SJMM, you would most likely need a month to recover. By the time the month is up, you would have been losing a bunch of your running fitness. This also does not take into account any niggles you encounter along the way.

Good luck on registration. I hope we all get the races we are after.