Making every day a Disney Day!

You know, I’m tired of waiting for our next Disney trip. (871 days and counting.)

So, I’ve made an important decision: That from now on, I’m going to make EVERY day a Disney Day! Why wait to experience all the magical moments?

Today is my first day, and here’s what I’ve done already:

  1. Fine dining! (I tell you, V&A has NOTHING on this place…they would charge $188 for this same meal, but I only paid $1.88!)

  1. The rides! (Not only does this baby put the Tea Cups to shame, but it as a drop tower feature that rivals the Tower of Terror!)

  1. Hidden Mickeys. (Of course, first I have to locate someone to hide them, but here is my sample, and let me tell you it was a total BLAST trying to find it!)

  1. Shopping! (Oh yeah. I bought this souvenir on-site from a machine that uses animatronics! Totally cutting edge!)

  1. No photo for this, but can you imagine…I didn’t even have to PAY TO PARK! Woohoo!

Glad you are having a magical day! :wink:

871 - WOWSERS!!! Good luck to you my friend. I was going bonkers with less than a 300 day countdown to start. I’m at 99 today. DH just doesn’t get my excitement. Disney is to me what a beach is to him. He’s not a Disney guy, and I’m not a Beach girl.

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Yeah. It is a ways off. We have two vacations planned during that time, but none as expensive as our Disney trip. One, a trip to Branson, MO (Silver Dollar City), which will actually be quite cheap. Second, a trip involving Cedar Point and may King’s Island.

Anyhow, I’m about to park hop over to a coworker’s office cube…


I loved Cedar Point in my early 20s, when I could also ride really daring roller coasters. Now, Disney’s coasters are good enough for me.

That’s keeping with the Disney spirit! Cube Hopping!

Just pretend that your glasses are Mickey. I lose mine ten times a day.


This is the best thing I’ve read all day. :joy:


This morning, while attempting to get to Extra Magic Hours this morning, I ran into a really long queue at the local eatery (aka McDonalds) so I decided to skip it and just get a snack at the park (aka, work).

Totally worth it. Everything is a walk-on!


I’m dying here! :joy::joy::blush::blush:. Dd is being a grouch this morning and this is what I needed! Keep it coming please!


I should give a little trip report from last night. After leaving the park and having dinner, we decided to head out to brave the crowds at the Art Festival going on. Had to use the bus, since parking wasn’t included:

Crowds weren’t bad:

And if you tilt your head slightly when looking at this art display, I think they might be considered a bunch of hidden mickeys!

After my DD14 and I wandered the streets of the fair…

We headed back on the bus. Only, we got on the wrong bus! It took us completely around the World before dropping us off at the correct location to take the proper bus. Next time, we’ll have to try the monorail…


That ride in the background of photo 2 looks fun. What’s it called? Do you need a FP? Love the castle too. Does it light up? Disappointed that you didn’t see any ‘characters’ for meet and greets! Please try harder.:wink:

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I just assumed it was where there was on-going construction of Star Wars:Galaxy’s Edge. But, maybe I missed out on a fun ride. Doh!

Oh, I forgot to mention. I did a meet and greet with a character that just went by the name “Artist”. But I forgot to get a photo. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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Oh I love you @ryan1!!!

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In the words of our favorite dog-like anthropomorphic Disney critter: “Gawrsh!”

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We want character photos of your cube hopping!!!

Seriously, this is fantastic. Please keep posting. It’s making my whole week!!

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Well, I ran into problems today with my Magical Work Experience app. Service was down, and I wasn’t able to find any Fast Passes towards getting things done. But fortunately, things came back on-line a few minutes ago so I’m heading toward TPC (Today’s Project Completion) and hoping to get at least through the standby line.


Well, there definitely are some characters around here!

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Here’s what I looked like after the ride:



Sounds like a typical Disney IT day for you today! LOL

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Well, typical. We had rain most of the weekend, despite the weather forecast suggesting otherwise. As a result, we really couldn’t do much. We did do some shopping (who knew Disney Springs had a Dollar Tree and an Aldi).

But something magical DID happen. Look what came to us direct from Disney (sort of):

Fireworks. A castle. And the offer of a free $200 gift card for Disney?