Make sure you wear “proper” masks

My fam spent 3 days at WDW last week. We went to all 4 parks in 3 days. It was a lot. Honestly, too much. We only do Disney about every 5 yrs, so we wanted to see all the parks at Christmas. Aside from the Christmas atmosphere, riding RotR was our 2nd most exciting thing for us. I have big SW fans in my fam. I moved our hotel to the Waldorf, specifically so we could get into HS early and get on RotR before the line was insane. Well that didn’t happen. We got to the park at 7:30 (after a late night before) and the dang ride was “down” until almost 10am. We were there for 2.5 hrs before the ride opened up, and there was instantly a 2 hr line. We bit the bullet and got in line. And yes…it was also pouring down rain. A SOLID 2 hrs in a shoulder to shoulder line, dripping wet. The moment came…we got up to the ride. We’re about to step in through the giant sliding doors, when a CM taps us on the shoulder and says we can’t get on the ride bc we weren’t wearing “proper” masks. Four parks, 3 days, DOZENS of rides/shops/long lines…we even wore these masks on our flights. At the airport, through security, on the plane… not one single person said a word to us. Not one single time did we think we were breaking some mask law. But this kid waits until we are literally stepping on to THE ride that we came to WDW for, after standing in the longest line we’ve ever stood in, to tell us “we can’t get on the ride.” Our masks were sort of expensive double layered …but breathable. You know the scene when Clark finally gets to Wally World to find the moose saying “sorry folks…park’s closed.” That is the level of red that I saw. Furious! Dramatic? Yes… but we were exhausted, soaking wet, and my kids’ feet were throbbing. Had someone told us on Day 1 that our masks were too thin, it would have been fine. Heck, if someone told us at the back of the 2 hr line on Day 3, we would have been annoyed but whatever…we would have gotten different masks and got in line. But to be told this, after standing in that awful line for 2 hrs! I’m still ticked!
So we left the ride, went to a gift shop at the park entrance, purchased a $1.50 disposable mask for each of us, and rode the dang ride. (They gave us “ride switch” or something like that to come back and ride.)
So moral of the story…don’t wear a $15 double layer breathable mask, or it might offend the college kid letting people on the ride.

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Wow, this makes me so angry for you! I’m so sorry you had to deal with this. I hope the rest of your trip was full of fun memories that you will eventually think of more than this bad one!


Do you mind sharing the type/brand of mask we should avoid? I wore kn95s the whole trip and never had an issue.


I ordered them from a website…I believe it’s called “Breathe Pray Live.” I saw them advertised on IG.


We did make some great memories and took some great photos. It was a bummer that we sort of ended on a sour note; but the first 2 days were good to us!


I’m so sorry that happened. I’m glad they gave you the ability to return after you bought what they wanted you to have.
I’m so sorry. There are just many things I’m not saying. But I am so sorry.

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I looked on their website (assuming it’s the Breathe Pray Love ones) and they advertise it as being see through and say if you’re somewhere where they are strict, order a 3 layer mask because they become ‘conspicuous’ in lighting. They are designed to fool people into thinking you have a mask on but actually do nothing to protect the wearer or anyone else.


I was wondering if there was something about the lighting where the CM intervened that made it obvious.


I looked it up too and it’s… a lot.


You bought a mask that prides itself on being designed to get around the rules and possibly puts others in danger and got caught.

Sorry if I have no empathy.


I cringed


I don’t understand this. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go to WDW. If you go, wear the appropriate mask where required. It’s pretty simple. No hard feelings either way.

For those wanting to ride ROTR and not being able to in the morning, I would hop in line within in hour of closing. The wait time was under an hour when we were there the week after Thanksgiving.


It looks like even the 3 layer are designed to only look compliant, not actually offer any protection. So…yeah.

Based on the website, it’s hard to believe this was an honest mistake.


There are spelling errors on the website too :grimacing: always a good sign of professionalism


lol i don’t get the point of these “faux masks”… you go through ALL the motions of wearing a mask, and if you wear glasses the same fogging as anyone else, but… end up with zero (imagined or otherwise) benefits.

That’s like running a 5K but you don’t get to burn any calories in doing so, but you still end up dead tired and sore at the end. da hell’s the point?! :rofl:


You’ve all see this? Same vibes.




All that effort…and he still couldn’t accomplish his mission.

This is like watching kids creatively trying to avoid an exam when if they would have spent half the amount of energy into studying/paying attention in class wouldn’t even need to avoid the exam.


I find it hilariously hypocritical that a company espousing “Christian Values” is basically promoting deception, aka LYING.
What happened to the 9th Commandment?


That one was on one of the tablets Moses dropped? :upside_down_face: