Major changes when I re'eveluated' my plan

leaving in 11 days!
I ‘evaluated’ my plans and had them perfect about a week ago.
Today I re’evaluated’ them and the wait times increased by x4!

Does that sound possible?

Seems to be going around:

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I’m leaving in 12 and I’m on that ^ thread too. Wonder what the deal is.

I’m certain it’s some kind of recalibration.

But they did actually say in the blog it was going to be the quietest July ever (or something. Certainly in a long time) and not much busier in August.

I think it must be that there is reduced staffing.


I haven’t been paying too much attention to this, as I have been busy moving DD to her new hovel. Has anyone from TP officially weighed in on the magnitude of the changes that people have been seeing? I can’t seem to access the blog right now…

Anyway, given how WDW has been monkeying around with everything, reduced staffing certainly makes sense. TP might be taking a worst case scenario so that people have a pleasant surprise when things work out better than predicted.

Not yet, to my knowledge.
@Brian @len @SteveBloom @fred?

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I’ve asked Steve to respond. He’s traveling but will do it later today.


Thank you, @len.

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I firmed up a plan about a week ago for mid-November and today reevaluated and Frozen went from a 22 minute to 58 minute wait at 8pm in the evening. Wasn’t planning on using fastpass because Soarin is higher on the list of must do’s.

@SteveBloom just spoke to this on another thread: Sudden increase in wait times? - #56 by SteveBloom

I don’t mean to be dense, but I read his replies - how does that explain huge increases in wait times?

They realised there was a mistake - they have estimated what the posted wait times will be, and are confident that those are right. The estimated times for the plans should be 80% (or whatever figure he gave) of the posted times, but there had been a mistake and the plans were estimating 60%. Now they have corrected them so they are back to the normal 80%.

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Just a note, the night before you use that plan, do another evaluation. Things change all the time. For the best information, do it again. I say the night before because that gives you time to rework anything that’s changed.