Sudden increase in wait times?

So, I’m only a bit ashamed to tell you that I’ve been optimizing my TPs every day for about a month. A Little excessive and obsessive, I do realize :wink:
However, everything has stayed fairly consistent until today when pretty much across the board (rides and parks) my wait times jumped significantly (as in about 100 minutes total increase for MK and other similar total increases). Is this typical when you get closer to your trip?
The CL haven’t changed today that I’m aware of. Anyone else seeing the same thing? Our days are Jun 7-10

Periodically the TP gurus run an update with more accurate data; that’s probably what has happened. In another thread someone had been asking about unrealistically low wait times for their trip (e.g. 15 min for Na’vi at noon); she reported today that it went up to a more believable 87 minutes…


Mine went up also but nothing to crazy. About 20 minutes total each day. We are going in two weeks and I’ll be checking on it every day from this point forward.

Someone reported the same on chat, wait times jumped by about an hour.

same happened to my plans.

This is me, too. Our dates are June 8-15 and I just went in an optimized my plan and yep, big increase in wait times. Very frustrating as I was very happy with my plans.

I know! I was too! Now I need to regroup. I’m hoping this is the last big increase before we go. :crossed_fingers:

I actually optimize my plans daily as well. I enjoy it! I like to see if things change…it is like gambling for me, or “Wheel of Fortune!” or “Jeopardy!” (Can I get a SDD for 50!) I have not noticed a sudden wait time change, but I will say that we are leaving for our trip on Sunday, and then all of a sudden today almost EVERY plan totally changed. The order was all different. It got me at my locations in time for my fast passes, but if it had originally been at the beginning of the window, it was now at the end, etc. I know this is to work around changing CLs, etc. but was very interesting.

Haha, yes! I’ve been gamifying my life even before gamify was a buzz word. It’s been fun running them every day until this big increase. I’m kinda scared to run them again and chance angering the lines gods further:rofl:

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Mine did too! Going at the end of August and all of my wait times have increased (some have more than doubled!)
REALLY hoping that they don’t increase anymore! I had such nice, relaxing days with so many built in breaks. Now I’m worried I’ll be more time-cramped.
Not happy today :disappointed:

Same here. Dates: May 26 - June 2.

Oh no, really? My crowd levels have dropped dramatically for August and I was hoping waits would have to. They are already longer than we have ever waited on higher crowd levels.

My CL dropped a few weeks ago too. And when i re-evaluated the waits times were fantastic. I just re-evaluated today and the wait times went right back up, but CL stayed the same.
When are you going in August?

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Lord, our wait times for Na’vi River journey skyrocketed to an hour… and that’s later in the evening.

First 2 weeks.

Ahh ok, we’ll just miss you
Going the 13th-21st

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I wonder if they are cutting back on capacity but then you’d think that would be reflected in the CL unless they are early updating wait times for June. I know they adjust the wait a few days before releasing an updated CL.

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We are going May 29-June 4. After reading your post I just went and Evaluated (not optimized) and my total wait times went up on all days an average of 30 minutes. I’m scared to optimize and watch it rearrange all my plans :sob: Should I do it?

Our CL have stayed the same or gone down in the last couple of weeks, so I’m in the same boat as all of you. Confused.

We don’t leave till 16th so it’s a possibility!

That’s my worry for early August definitely. Not giving staff shifts because they’ll need them once SWGE opens.