Magicband+ questions

So, thinking about getting Magicband+ for trip coming up in a little more than a month. Couple questions for those who have them:

  • Do they have the cutouts for smaller wrists like the regular ones?
  • Since our kids don’t have phones and I know that these pair to phones, can you pair more than one magic band to a phone?
  • Does anyone know if it’s possible to turn off the vibration?
  • Any other issues/ annoyances I should be aware of?

Yes, I have two paired w/ my phone

I’ve found that they don’t always interact w/ statues… inconsistent, and I find that annoying


Yes they have cutouts for smaller wrists. The kids liked the golden statue interactivity when the could get it to work…but the slightly larger size and stiffness of the bands made these harder to put on little wrists compared to regular magic bands. If I were going to do it again, I would just order one for the family and let everyone else wear their old Magic Bands.
I was excited about MB+ initially for the rechargeability because I never trust my old magic bands to have enough juice left to capture ride photos. However, the idea that you have to charge them every night so that they can vibrate and light up randomly is annoying. Even after I turned off the lights and haptics on mine, I still didn’t trust it to stay charged and so continued to charge nightly.
ETA link to thread to create play disney accounts for kids and link to your MDE How to Create a Child's Play app Account - for MagicBand+ & the Galactic Starcruiser

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Did your kids mind the size/stiffness of them?

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They complained about them a couple of times and wanted to wear their old ones…toward the end of the trip they asked me to turn off the vibration. They also seemed to notice the weight difference. I would bring both sets (MB+ and old MB) to the park with us each day just in case and they would usually just wear the MB+ all day but if we were just at the resort, they preferred to wear their old magic bands.
The other annoying thing is that when they are charging at night, they have that pulsating green light which I find annoying especially with 4 charging on different cycles and in different locations around the room. Minor annoyance to have to cover them while charging if that sort of thing disturbs your sleep


I don’t regret buying them, but I was a little disappointed in the quality of the wristbands compared to MB2. Looks like it’s made of more rigid (cheap?) plastic.


Just curious- about the charging, as we haven’t had them at a resort stay yet…

How long are they lasting and what are you using for a tower/dock if anything…

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you have to have a usb port for each MB+, which means resort guests will need to bring their own multi-ports, b/c some Disney rooms have none or maybe a few???

That’s exactly my question-

I am already am traveling with a docking charging station for phones tablets and watches for minimum 4 adults at a time-

But I am nutty about hotel/villa clutter ( that’s how stuff gets left behind )

So looking for neat and tidy one stop chargingarea suggestions….


oh… yes! b/c now it’s not just phones & chargers to charge but MBs too :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Who’s bright idea was this again?

I made sure I had a USB-a plug for each of the MB+ and then used a combination of those and the USB-a outlets in the hotel room to charge everything up overnight. There was stuff plugged in everywhere—it was messy.
I think the charge lasted all day every day? This was the first trip that I didn’t have to email photopass afterward for missing ride photos. I’m not sure and did not feel compelled to check MDE for battery life. I just made sure I plugged them in every night.
The thing with the stiffer plastic and the bigger size is that trying to get it on my kids’ wrists tight enough to not fall off, inevitably meant that they got pinched when I was trying to get it to snap together

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Ours lasted all day no issue and we just plugged into the usb outlets in our resort

I hear a lot of complaints about the MB+ bands being heavy and uncomfortable. I find it the opposite. The old ones drove me nuts and I could only handle wearing it a few hours. I hardly notice my MB+. Maybe it’s just wrist shape :woman_shrugging:

Not much help with the charging as I’m local so I just plug it in the day before.