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Hello All, I just received a quote from Magical Vacations Travel that is a substantial amount less then disneygo. I’m apprehensive because it seems to be to good to be true. Does anyone have experience with this company?

They are widely used by liners. I know there is sometimes a issue with tickets - I don’t think you can add a day, though that may depend on the type. Everyone raves about them.

Thank you, I’m always concerned when something seems to go to be true. I appreciate your feedback.

Yes! I have booked multiple times with them. I have always just booked the room from them and then made all of my own fast passes and dining plans. They have arranged Magical Express for me. If you book from them, when you link the reservation into your MDE account immediately change the shipping address for your magic bands and check your address on the reservation.

To add, if you are buying their tickets they can only be upgraded at full price. This is only an issue if you want to add days or upgrade to an AP. It is the main reason I usually get a room only reservation or a ticketless package.

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Thank you, I was just writing to ask why you didn’t purchase tickets through them. I’m assuming I can make my own Fastpass+ reservations if I do purchase my ticket through them. I’ll need to confirm that.

I knew there was some kind of issue!

I usually plan my own WDW vacations on-line. This year for March was no exception. After being out here for a little while many were raving about a travel agency named Magical Vacations Travel. Said you could get Big discounts, (mainly on the room portion), so I was skeptical but thought what’s it going to hurt to ask for a quote. I contacted a agent others recommended and was shocked with the quote she gave me on almost the same vacation I had booked. She could save me $1000 off of the vacation I had already booked myself. I went for it even though I lost the insurance portion of my booked vacation. There is a slight catch. I booked PoR for 14 days. I usually get the full 10 days of park tickets but this package only had eight plus one fun day such as a waterpark. Now you could add on days but if you look at the scale for park tickets you would pay big time for extras as you would start at the top of the chart for the add on days. I also got a meal plan this time around which is of coarse somewhat discounted but not much. The main savings are in the room rate. How do they do this? Well it’s been explained many times out here and in the Big Book so I won’t carry on about it here again. MVT also offered a heavily discounted package for the coming fall and it was so good I could not pass it up. We are taking our grandson for 13 days at the Poly with the same ticket type package with parkhopper and water parks and more. Figuring out the cost at the best I could get it for on-line I find I save $4300. So far Darcy has been great she has helped with the Magical Express and told me how to go about getting the Magic Bands and such. Hope this helps.

We are currently booked for POR in May, which is not even available for the current Disney discount the week we are going. We are saving $800. So far so good.

We’ve used them for 5 different trips now. Always great to deal with. We book room-only so just that and them booking our magical express. No experience with their tickets.but great otherwise.

I think the big thing to consider here in deciding to use MVT is knowing that any savings is in the room. There maybe some savings buying their packages that limit you to so many days worth of park tickets or if you can buy the meal plan or not. I am booked presently for two different vacation packages thought MVT. Tickets would not be a problem as if you went room only you could still purchase ticket via Disney or a discounter. Meal plan on the other hand may not be available with their package as is the case on my 2nd vacation. If you go room only there is also no way to get the meal plan but then again does it really save you any money. It is very doubtful and it requires you to get or eat everything your plan entitles you too to even come out even or slightly ahead. I won’t kid you this is the first time we are using MVT but do to the response out here and the savings involved, I think we will come out far ahead. My agent Darcy has done everything I have asked of her and answered all my questions. It is strange for me having to make payments and arranging things via an agent when I used to do everything on-line and directly with Disney. My first vacation of this type will be March 1 of 2018 for two weeks at PoR, we will see how it goes but I have no complaints so far.

I have used MVT for about 8 trips so far. The service has been excellent (Brandi is the one who helps us!) and the discounts are great. The discounts for Annual Passholders recently have been so limited, I’ve been glad I already had the MVT deal already in place. But on the rare occasion the AP discount is better, all I do is email Brandi and she quickly changes it over to the new deal. I’ve even transferred my bounceback stays to her as I like that she handles everything with the Magical Express and reminds me about ADRs and Fastpass windows. I book my own ADR and Fastpasses - I’m a bit of a control freak about those things. The room reservation, not so much.

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I have been using Holly at MVT, and I can assure you they are legit and the deals are really good. I get room only as I have AP. The Labor Day rate I received for Wilderness Lodge is better than if I had rented DVC.

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On the quotes I’ve gotten lately I asked to compare the price with or without a park ticket (I have the AP so just my husband needed one). Adding the park ticket has come out to cost less than buying it from a discounted seller online.

For someone who knows they won’t need to add days or upgrade to an AP, I think getting tickets with them is a good deal.

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I’m considering using MVT for our next trip, so I was reviewing this thread. Now that you’re back from your trip, were you happy with using MVT?

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I k ow you didn’t ask me but I am jumping in to say I have worked with them at least five times and it has always been great.

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Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away but I have been away from the blog for a few days. Yes, we used MVT for our latest vacation. Darcy is our agent. Anything I asked her she responded to within a day. We had a great vacation with no snags. As PrincipalTinker stated, it was all on the up and up and we will be using MVT again as we booked a August vacation during their labor day special and are saving a bundle. I can’t tell you about other agents and how they will respond but Darcy is great. Others out here have their favorite agent and very few have had any problems. Have a Magical Vacation.


We used them for a 2 night stay and saved a couple hundred dollars. No problems!

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Thank you, @PrincipalTinker, @DocHopper, and @Brendapwood. This clenches it. At the very least, I will check with them to get a quote and compare it with what it would cost for a room from Disney directly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just got back from the most amazing first time trip, used MVT and everything went great!