Magical Vacations Travel Dilemma

I had asked for a quote from MVT several months ago, but they didn’t have my dates available at the time. In the meantime, I thought I should go ahead and book directly with WDW just to be on the safe side.

I received an e-mail from MVT saying that they now had the dates and the resort available, so I asked for a quote. They can save me over $500. (This is even after the promotional discount that I received.)

Of course, I’d like to save the money. But is it too much of a headache to switch or is it relatively easy and seamless? We’ve already booked our flight, so I don’t want to take a chance and mess anything up since our dates are set.

What are the chances WDW would price-match if I were to call them and let them know about the quote? (Part of me, though, feels like that would be bad form, since, if WDW said yes, it would cut into the commission that the TA would get.)

Would this affect any of the ADRs that I have already made or affect MDE? We’re more than 60 days out, so I haven’t made any FPPs yet.

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It should be very easy, my family did this for a trip in Dec. Keep your reservation through Disney and let MVT know you want to book. Once you get a confirmation number from them, link that to MDE, then you can delete your reservation through Disney. The only other difference is that you’re paying your TA instead of Disney directly.

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I don’t think Disney will match a MVT exclusive price. I agree with you that it’s probably also bad form to do that and leave the TA out of a commission.

It should not affect your ADRs, but if you are nervous about it you can book with MVT and get your confirmation number into MDE before you cancel your other reservation.

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When I have used TAs in the past, it seems like even though I gave the TA my credit card info the deposit payment was still made to Disney directly - at least according to my CC statement. Do you know if this is the case?

And, just to verify… MDE will allow me to link a new reservation for the same dates while I still have an active reservation with WDW?

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Yes, I’ve had the same scenario and it worked out fine.

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I would assume the deposit would be made to Disney since the room is still booked through them. I’m not going in Dec though so I don’t know about what shows up on the credit card statement.

And yes, should not be a problem with MDE. We have two rooms booked for CSR next October right now and both reservations are on the same MDE account.


All money goes directly to Disney. MVT is a travel agencies, the same as others!

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Easy to do.

Zero chance for price matching.

Everyone can make dining at 180 days so as long as you’re at least down to 170 days guaranteed no issue


You provide your credit card information to the agent and they book with Disney on your behalf. They are entering the card numbers instead of you. That’s all

Of course any and all future payments will be done by then as well


Thank you for all your help. Just one follow-up question…

Can I use a different credit card for MVT to use for my deposit than what I am using on MDE and what I will use when I check in? (We have a room-only reservation.) And the reason I’m asking is because we get more rewards with another card when we pay for travel-related things, like hotel rooms, until the end of the year, so I thought I would maximize our rewards.

With MVT you can use any card but even a room only reservation will need to be paid off 30 days before your trip.

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I switched to a MVT reservation and it was very easy. I waited to cancel my first reservation until after the new one was scheduled. All my ADRs were safe.


Another follow-up question… The TA I am working with is out of the office for a couple days, so I thought I’d check with the experts here.

We’re staying for 14 days at WDW. Our TA said that she couldn’t get the entire stay at their rates but that they would need to book it for me in two separate reservations. Unfortunately, one day right in the middle ended up not being available to them at their rates, so they will evidently need to book that as a third reservation at regular price.

If I were to have them book three reservations for our stay, would the resort require us to change rooms for each one or would we be able to stay in the same room for the duration of our trip?

If the rooms were the same type, then you would probably be able to stay in the same room, but they would not be able to guarantee it. You would need to request that, follow up at check-in and hope they could oblige.

If they have to book different room types / categories then you would have to move.

I think you said you’re within the 180 days, so ADRs are already done? ADRs would have separate booking windows for each reservation. FPs though could be booked all at the first 60 day window.

But you need to be careful with tickets. The new tickets only last for a set number of days or for the duration of the package. Each reservation would be a separate package, so make sure your tickets are valid for long enough or you’ll need to pay the flexible premium so they are valid for 14 days. And make sure the tickets are part of the first package.

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They should all be the same room type - just a standard. Our ADRs are already booked, so we should be good there. And we’ve got APs this year :grin: so we shouldn’t need to worry about ticket validity.

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I booked at Poly once on two of their rates.I had to go to the desk on check out/check in day but no room change.

Hmm. That sounds a little inconvenient. I don’t want to have to waste my time waiting at the front desk on a day when I have other things planned.

Is the front desk always open? For instance, could I go down to the front desk at 4:00 am and square things away so I don’t need to do it during the middle of my day?

The front desk is always open. If I remember correctly I had asked if I could do it at a certain time and it was all set. On check in I talked to them, they told me I did not have to move or pack anything, it was just a “paperwork” thing.

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