Magical Vacations Travel Dilemma


I think the day “rolls over” sometime around 6am. So you may have to wait until,then before you can actually check out and in again. At that time in the morning I wouldn’t expect there to be too much of a queue.


That’s too bad. At that time of the day, I’m usually waiting for or on the bus to go to the park. (My username is “RopeDropper” for a reason.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, we decided to go with MVT - even though it meant having three separate reservations. We felt that the money we saved was worth the chance of a little inconvenience.

I was able to link them to my MDE and cancel the original one with no issues - at least none that I noticed.

I am hoping that everything goes smoothly while we’re there.

Thank you, all, for your help.


When you are doing your TP room request make sure you note all your conf #, and stress that you would like to stay in the same room the entire trip. I personally would make that a priority over any other requests, like close to buses, or whatever.


That’s a really good idea. Do you just add the confirmation numbers in the text of the fax that will be sent to them?


I think I figured it out. I entered all three in the reservation field and in the text for good measure. Thank you so much for the tip. :grinning: