Magical Moment?

So I received a call last night just as I was sitting down on the plane from the resort I stayed in this last week. The lady on the phone was SO EXCITED, she stated “Mrs JuliaMc your magical moment in Hollywood studios was noticed by a very special cast member and we have something that was sent over for you, but it didn’t arrive in time! Are you still on property, or can I send this to you?”

I was like FLOORED.

Because first off, I had MANY magical moments this last week, but I was kinda the one MAKING the magic :joy:. And how special that a cast member sent something to my hotel?? I have absoloutly no idea of who/what/where, but the package weighs 2lbs and is coming via UPS ground…and will arrive next Friday.

Any experience with this?? I’m just so touched and excited. Who wants to speculate with me?

And I CANNOT wait to hunt them down and thank them in person next month when I’m back. I’ll have to figure out something special to do in return. (Depending on what it happens to be!!)

I love Disney. I eat drink and breathe the madness at this point!!!


What was the moment???


I have absoloutly no idea! It’s going to be a complete surprise for me when the package gets here.


You. Must. Post. Details.

And photos.

The. Suspense. Is. Killing. Me!

ETA: it’s not “kilometers me”


So exciting even for us liners following along :slight_smile: And from your previous posts with spreading magic to others, it is well deserved


Awe, thanks y’all!

Believe me, I’ll post an update when it arrives! Even the thought is special as I’m always the one making magic, never receiving it (and I don’t ever expect to receive it!), as I feel I’ve received plenty of fabulous magic already in my lifetime.



With all the magic you make, you deserve a little magic yourself. I can’t wait to see what the magic surprise is!


It’s Friday! What’s in it? What’s in it?


It JUST shipped today, it’s scheduled to arrive next Friday, the 28th! I just got home last night. :wink:


So exciting! I’m following along…torture that you have to wait a whole week!


I know! I actually expect to forget about it…we have so much going on. It really will be a magical moment by then. :joy::joy:


This is exciting! Even more than what is in the package, I am hoping you will be able to find a clue to figure out what the magic you created in HS was?! I want to hear the details of the whole story! When you post your magical moments stories I always get a little teary eyed :blush:

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So you don’t remember anything that might have triggered this in HS? A photopass moment? Helping someone along? Anything?

Honestly, even if it were a carrot cake cookie, I’d be just as excited as you! Haha



Oh I can’t wait to find out!!!

I really have NO idea. The one thing that came to mind would be impossible as far as timing. Plus this CM knows how to get ahold of me anyway…and I don’t think they would do it that way.

We did grab a random CM on Monday who was being just adorable and took photos with him. He thanked us for being so polite and said we made his day. But he was a DCP CM. He was returning a lost ECV and people weren’t letting him through. He was stressed, but still smiling and wearing slinky dog ears. We asked him to photobomb our Photo and then he REALLY got into it. It was SO MUCH FUN.

And he then scooted off with a huge grin on his face! I look WAY younger than I really am(I’m almost 40), and my friend is in her 20’s, so I’m sure he thought he was getting attention from two cute girls. It was just fun, because he looked so sad and frustrated. People can be so terrible.

That’s why I love Liners!

When I get it, I will update everyone. I’m so excited. I didn’t even tweet cast compliments this trip because I was so busy. It was supposed to be a solo trip, but I was never really alone. But it was SO MUCH FUN. I got to create some truly magical moments for some friends who didn’t know I was in town! I love telling friends to meet me somewhere and then taking them on an adventure they couldn’t even fathom was going to happen.

Next month I have the DH and kids, so I won’t be able to do any of that. Lol.


Well maybe someone else noticed what you did. Or he said something about how two young ladies helped him when he was stressed.

I have a feeling it might be related to that. Hopefully the package includes a letter explaining it all!

Congrats anyway. :grinning:

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So exciting!!! Here you are spreading magic again! Look at how many people are looking forward to finding out what is in the package!

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Aweeee, that’s such a sweet thing to say! My husband who’s not really a Disney person is just as excited to find out too. (Once he got confirmation it didn’t cost him anything. Hahahahahaha)

Hopefully I’ll be home. We are closing on a new house this coming week and I think Friday is the day. That may just be a magical ending to my day! New house + magical surprise…before I have to move all weekend. (Bright side, we leave in 30 days from tonight for WDW again. I can’t wait to find out who the CM is, because I have something magical planned depending on what it was!!)

This is very exciting! I can’t wait to find out more, and agree with everyone else that it’s time you got some magic done for you, too. Our countdowns are similar- we are at 31 tonight. Good luck with the house closing!

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Ohhhh, how exciting! Perhaps our paths will cross then! We are staying off-site this trip, just worked out a bit better.

I’m excited to go back, hoping the weather cools though, Thursday was BRUTAL!!!