Magical Express Usage Survey - How often do you use it?

With the news about the end of Disney’s Magical Express, there have been a lot of responses in the thread about it. Many say they love and depend on it while others say they rarely if ever use it.

WDW claims that with the growth of rideshare services, the demand for DME is decreasing.

Just curious, let’s see. Please include both on-site and off-site stays in figuring your response.

  • We always use Magical Express (100% of the time)
  • We often use Magical Express (67% to 99% of the time)
  • We sometimes use Magical Express(34% to 66%)
  • We rarely use Magical Express(1% to 33%)
  • Magical Express? We always do something else (never have used it)

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To clarify, are you asking only for on site guests? Meaning, do I only count on site stays I’ve made, or all stays, including off site, in my calculations.

We used it when we flew in to MCO. Our family used it when they fly in too. It’s the first Disney ride of the trip :crazy_face:

Only wdw resort guests have access to ME. I tried to reserve it for a stay at Shades of Green and was denied :worried:

Everyone for any visit on-site or off-site

I know. But if the point is to determine how often people use DME for Disney trips, off site stays would factor into the stats.

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Okay. Thanks.

I had to change my vote because I assumed for on-site trips. I’d use it for offsite too if available! But I hadn’t intended to stay offsite again and ME was part of that. Now I don’t know.

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We used it on our last two trips, but had planned a rental car for our next trip (planning on Kennedy and a few other non-Disney adventures)

We drive down to FL from SC, so no DME needed.

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I am trying to see what the actual demand is for this service.

@Nickysyme posted in the other thread that 3 Million guests used DME in 2019. But WDW had a total of 58 Million visitors (on-site & off-site guests). A service that only benefits 6% of visitors

A lot of the things that WDW is cutting for on-site guests, only benefit very few overall. Maybe the money spent on DME or EMH could be better directed to re-opening live shows and entertainment which benefits more guests overall.

I know wishful thinking, but hey WDW is the home of Fantasyland.

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There are always unintended consequences … If my luggage doesn’t route to my resort room then:

  • I can’t skip check-in altogether and at a minimum will need to go to Bell Services for storage

  • Since I have handled the luggage for part of the stay I’m more inclined to do it for the entire duration of the say and therefore tips will diminish greatly.

I won’t vote because I haven’t been to WDW when Magical Express was available but I can tell you that I had planned on using it on our upcoming trip and probably would have used it as long as it was offered.
Staying on site and the whole bubble thang is our jam.

ETA: And since I had a pre-COVID daily commute of 90 minutes one way, I’m not driving on my vacation if I can help it.


My first trip to Disney was in April 2005. I believe DME started that May (along with Soarin?). Since that time I have been to Disney over 30 times (maybe more) and I think I haven’t taken DME 4 times? Even on my last trio we started at Universal and I took it home from my Disney stay.

When I didn’t take DME it was because I was adding Busch Gardens, or taking a cruise during my stay.

We (immediate family) have always driven to WDW except for 4 times taking Amtrak.

My sister used MDE 3 or 4 timesat least. My niece used MDE at least twice.

We’ve been twice, have used it both times. With two kids needing car seats ride share really wasn’t an option, ME was a lifesaver.

Have never used it. We have driven to all our WDW vacations from both TN and after we moved from IN. Flying gets pretty expensive for a family of 5.

We have never used it, and likely never would. We are fans of rental cars everywhere we travel and WDW is no different.

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I’ve used it for 1 out of 3 trips. But the 2 i didn’t I stayed at Swan/ Dolphin so it wasn’t an option. But honestly, I find it much more convenient to hire a van/ car to pick us up at the airport. They meet you at baggage claim, help with bags and take you straight to your hotel with no waiting. If I was staying at a resort that offered it, I’d probably use it just because it would feel like double paying otherwise.

We are exactly the opposite. Have been to disney as many times and have always taken DME. Even before DME was a thing and it was completely Mears run, we took it. I have never driven a car in the Orlando area.