Magical Express Usage Survey - How often do you use it?

No, I “haven’t” taken it 4 times. I think the ride, the video, and my luggage magically appearing in my room are magical.

My first trip I decided not to take Mears because the per person rate was more money than a cab. I am pretty sure that I will feel the same way in 2022 (rental or Uber/Lyft) will be my choice.

If my trips are still on this year I will book DME in June and September. I still haven’t told my husband I am making him go in December but I think I will need a rental for that!


Oooohhhhh! Never mind :blush:

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We never used it either. We always drive or rent a car.

No! We are kindred souls :grinning:

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100% We really should hang out sometime. We don’t live that far away from each other. :blush:


Never used it, but never stay on site because of cost. Can do multiple or longer stays off site in a big rental house. Also, because I have young kids, we drive more often than not (from Chicago), because kids have too much “stuff.”

However, if I were to stay on site and eventually plan to, I would have definately used it.

We always use it. With two little kids and lots of stuff it was so nice not having to grab luggage or worry about car seats.


I’ve only been to WDW three times. First trip in 2012, we stayed off-site so obviously didn’t use DME. Went back in August 2020 and use it both ways. Went back in October 2020 with a friend and she used it both ways, I used it to return to the airport. I had started my trip at UOR. I love this service, but I’ve never experienced it at heavy volume/long lines. But not driving is such a luxury. I would probably use a ride share if it is not available.