Magical Express from non-home Hotel?

Do you have to catch the Magical Express to the airport from the hotel you are staying at? I really want to book a lunch at Sanaa, but I can’t get it to make sense on any day but our departure day. We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge and way thinking of hitting Sanaa then heading to the airport from AK Lodge. Is that possible?

unfortunately no…but depending on your flight time, you can always uber to and from akl


@bethro23 is correct

DME can only be booked to and from the resort hotel at which you have lodging reservations.

An alternative to taking Uber or Lyft to the airport is taking one of those services to WL from AKL, which will save substantial time and be far more affordable, to take DME back to the airport.

Our only issue with Uber-ing is our kid still rides in a car seat. Probably is big enough for a booster, but we won’t have one of those either.

Minnie Vans are more expensive but then you don’t have to worry about the car seat as they provide one. In that case I would use the Minnie Van to get from AKL to WL for your DME reservation time.

You CAN use the Minnie Vans to get back to the airport but that’s $150 one way…

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$150! Woah. Is the Minnie Van $25 anywhere on “property” or does it depend? That could work if we are in a hurry

The pricing structure has changed. I forget the flat rate but then it’s a “per mile” fee. It averages out to about $30/ride from what a friend told me recently

I just saw a post where someone took uber and had …I think a sorta inflatable car seat… let me see if I can find. Yea bubble bum inflatable car seat…Trip Report with some tips and hidden gems


Yes it’s the bubble bum seat.

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Awesome. Thanks. I really wanna hit Sanaa. :slight_smile:

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hope it works out for you

I don’t blame you! It’s fantastic!

May I ask your timing? What time is your flight? What time were you thinking of lunch?

Flight is at 515pm so time wouldn’t be an issue normally except for the fact we are hitting up the MNSSHP the night before. Now if the kid poops out early maybe we can get up and going before they kick us out at 11am check out, but if he makes it, he will need as much sleep as we can give him so hes not a cranky mess

Oh you should be fine!

Even if you don’t poop out early you’ll still be ready to go by 11.

Drop your things at concierge and complete airline check-in, and then Minnie Van over to AKL for an 11:30 reservation. You’ll be done in a little more than an hour and Minnie Van back over and you’ll be back in plenty of time for your 2:15 DME reservation

How old is said child?

He will be 5 and a half. But it will be the end of an 11 day vacation. Trying to build in lots of rest but have no idea how he gonna do. Itll be fun or way or another. Haha

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Even after our latest night at MK, my son never slept beyond 10:30.

That doesn’t mean you and the other adult(s) need to sleep that late. You all can be up and getting ready and packed while the child sleeps on. All he has to do is wake up at 10:55 and get dressed.

If he’s still sleeping at 11, you may have broken him :wink:

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We used the Bubble Bum inflatable booster our whole trip and it made booking car services easy. But you can also request an Uber with a car seat installed. We used our own booster just so we could have more flexibility and use Lyft or Uber. They are way less expensive than the Minnie vans. You order the Minnie vans through the lyft app anyway so it’s virtually the same service but with polka dots.

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The Minnie Vans are staffed with Disney Cast Members. So there’s something to be said for that.

Like in costume or something? I guess that’s cool? We had lyft drivers who played Disney songs and were super nice.

Not in costume. But identified as cast members. They do provide disney and disney parks music on demand. And I think waters? And many (most?) are very knowledgeable about WDW