Magic Kingdom morning timing help

Help please. I know this has been covered in multiple trip reports but I am having trouble finding them through the search. We are visiting family and I got them to agree we should take the kids to MK tomorrow. My battle now is to convince them to get up super early to get there before the park opens (a little over an hour drive away). It would help if I had some updated estimated times to provide them. Park opens at 9 am so we should plan to be at the parking lot at 8 am? Which is better the monorail or boat at that time? How much early than the schedule time has the park been opening for rides?

May be able to find some information from this thread:

Thank you very much! We aren’t planning to mobile order at the Contemporary. We went to Chef Mickey’s a few days ago and they told the car in front of us they couldn’t park with a Contempo mobile order. The parking lot was pretty full. Even though it isn’t ideal we are going to park at the Ticket & Transportation center and hope for the best. My parents will be annoyed if I make them get up early then we get turned away at the parking booth because it is too early. Do you think getting to the gate at 8 is best?

Its hard to say when things can change by the week or day.

You have a good feel for things already. Let us know how it turns out then!

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MK parking booth opened at 8:10 today.


In case anyone is headed to MK soon we got to the ticket booth about 7:55 am for a 9 am opening. We were a few cars back. The booths started letting people through at 8:10 am. We got right on a boat that left right away (last one on means last one off on bottom level). When we entered the park we went straight in and got to the area in front of the castle at 8:55 am which was pretty late. People coming from the busses, or better yet the Contemporary, have a massive advantage (which is already known).

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