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We are visiting Magic Kingdom from off property this Wednesday and had a couple questions: official open is 8am. We planned to make a reservation at a Contemporary Restaurant and walk over. What time should be plan to get to the front gates? 6:50ish? Do they let people in at 7am? Also, we plan to go straight to SDMT. I assume it will be open right away? Once we get through, will other rides be open yet: Winnie the Pooh? Peter Pan? Thank you!

I’ve read, in these threads, ppl getting in an hour or more before official opening and many rides being operational. We rope dropped HS, were in an hour before and inline for MMRR, rode and off before official opening.

Great answers to your questions on this recent post:

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Yes they let people in about an hour early (50 min when I was there) and some rides are operating. For us we went to BTMR first and it was running. We wait 20 min even RDing. If you get there at official opening lines will already be long. You can make the dining res but I’d skip the food in favor of RD’ing. MK opened later for us so we were able to eat at Contempo Cafe with a mobile order and make RD but it sound like you might not be able to.

Thank you!

Thank you Bebe80 - a very helpful post!

Thank you JennyTurin!

Your welcome. Have a great week, and let us know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you Bebe80! Have you been recently? How do you feel about the precautions they have taken / how people are complying? We are feeling pretty good about outdoor rides/lines, but more concerned about indoor ones with long indoor queues. For example, we are considering skipping Epcot altogether because Fast Track line is mostly indoors (right?), Soarin is indoors as is it’s line, etc. Also, excited about new HS rides, but a little worried about Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance because of the inside lines/rides. Any thoughts? Also, while we plan on mainly doing Rope Drops and mornings only (Tue = HS, Wed = MK, Th = HS, Fri = AK) we were wondering about Monday afternoon (when we arrive by car). We were thinking about going to Epcot for the afternoon, but were wondering if maybe another park would make more sense because of the limited # of offerings at Epcot (i.e., all the rides will have 60+ minute waits whereas MK will likely have some smaller ones w/smaller waits). Thanks!

We ate outdoors always and only took of our masks at meals, to drink water distanced from others and outdoors (even in line when they were over an hour and in the sun but only when they weren’t moving). The only indoor ride I was uncomfortable waiting for was Gran Fiesta Tour. The plastic barriers made me super uncomfortable because you’re more confined with those in your row and we got stuck there during a cleaning. All the other indoor queues like Test Track moved so fast and didn’t have a lot of switch backs so we felt comfortable personally. Even if you do get stuck during a cleaning it’s 10-15 min and hopefully you’ll be socially distanced and do not take off your mask for water in these moments was my rule. I believe the amount of exposure matters greatly and I felt safe at WDW. Mask compliance and staff were fabulous. Less so at Universal.

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Also where you will see less social distancing is in the walkways, around calvacades and in stores in my experience. And if you keep moving these things are less risk. Lines are done pretty well inside.

If you do want a full day at AK, I would keep your idea of Epcot on arrival day afternoon.

I think you need to try to relax and just enjoy the World as best you can. Just remember that it won’t be any more riskier than going out in your hometown.

Find a happy balance in your mind between being cautious and making great memories with your family. You will have a successful, safe trip no doubt. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had to do this with others not wearing their masks or paying attention to their kids breaking the six feet rule or the line markers. I had to let it go so I could have fun. At this point I’ve increased my risk so might as well have some fun for it. ;-).

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For reference - we visited MK on 12/22. We were the 3rd family in line at temp check at 6:38am (I remember this b/c it was so nuts - lol). We walked over from CR.
Also - in regards to physical distancing in lines - we rarely felt too close to other parties. If someone was crowding us from behind (in other words… NOT minding the very obvious green lines that say “Please wait here” on the ground) - we just kindly invited them to go in front of us. Most of the time people were pleasantly surprised - once or twice - we got side eyes and one lady was snippy “that no one here is physical distancing anyway” - haha - which was a joke - because Disney did a GREAT job enforcing health & safety measures - at least in my opinion.
Hope you have great trip :slight_smile:

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also - you might like reading my trip report from Christmas week…Christmas 2020 Trip Wrap Up

Thank you for your responses Jenny! They are very helpful. Sorry to hear that you had to do it with those who were not wearing masks or social distancing!

Thank you Leeanne! I think that we are going to try to make an early morning reservation at a CR dining spot and walk over early too. I was thinking of shooting for 6:50ish - we’ll see if we can make it that early. :smile:

I love your idea - thank you for suggesting it! I am definitely the type to stew if someone is crowding me, which isn’t great for me OR my family. So, much kinder and better solution to invite them to pass. Thank you!

Thank you Leeanne - sounds like you had an amazing trip. Thank you for sharing it on the forum and for directing me to it!

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Thank you Bebe80 - great advice! I am anxious by nature and am sure that I will be at Disney. Luckily, my kids will have fun no matter what. I will definitely try to find a balance and not worry too much. If I’m going to do it, might as well enjoy it!!! I think my boys would prefer an AK rope drop as one of them loves Expedition Everest and will probably ride it as many times as we are able. Probably going to skip Avatar completely and just do the rest of AK. Do you know if Dinosaur opens at AK RD? Maybe we’ll try to hit that before doing Everest a few times and then making our way over to Safari. Thank you again for all your help!

Yes, pretty much all the rides are open at RD.