Magic Bands — did you know this?

It’s ugly as sin, but it works well.

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I find that style really uncomfortable. And unnecessary. I’ve never had a MB fall off.

I’d like to wear the 50th one because it’s pretty and looks like it might not be uncomfortable.

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I had a first gen one fall off on Mission Space. I figured it out shortly after and they let me walk back up the exit hall to check with the CMs. I said I thought it had fallen off and one of them asked my name and the color and pulled out about 10 and found it. Apparently it was not unusual for those to fly off on that attraction. Since they changed the style I have not had it happen.


Okay. We can’t control the fact that Chapek is a collossal DB.

What exactly are the limitations and what are the solutions?

Personally, I don’t want the tweens/teens in our party on their phones all day every day, freaking out when battery dies, etc. And I do like the feeling of security if we get separated that they can bring up all our details with just a tap behind the scenes (I got lost at Epcot as a kid and am still a bit nervous). So we’re ordering Magic Bands via a VPN and getting them shipped to front desk.

In terms of usability, what do we know?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. With a magic band you can tap into the park and into LLs if you have them, you should have your photos automatically added, if you are staying on property you can use them to get into your hotel room and to make purchases.

I’m not sure what the magic bands have to do with your kids being on their phones all day. If you mean booking LLs then that can’t be done any other way.

I mean that I’d rather have magic bands so that all the tapping can be done from the magic band rather than having to get phones out of backpack, and find proof of LL eligibility in the wallet or MDE or wherever it’s kept and then tap.

If I’ve understood the mechanisms incorrectly, please correct me if you feel inclined.

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Yes you would use your magic bands to tap in, that’s what they are for. To book LLs, mobile orders for food etc you will still need to use your phones.