Magic Bands — did you know this?

So we all know that Magic Bands are no longer offered free to on-site guests.

But I have just discovered that guests who do not live in the US or Canada can no longer even purchase them in advance from Disney.

And guests who do live in the US or Canada can no longer get personalised Magic Bands.

Edit: The second thing is not entirely true.

This is not true.

I just got some.

Ah. Well that FAQ is, I just noticed from the UK Disney World site. I guess it means non-US peeps can’t get personalised MBs because they can’t pre-order.

Still sucks.

Ooops I see you updated.


I did know this, I complained about it a few months ago. I was happy to pay and the app prompts me to choose bands but I can’t.

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I had a trip in October 2021 and got personalized magic band for my husband. It was shipped to us.

Ditto why OBNurse said. Mine are personlized.

I thought they were doing some sort of new magic band in the new year. Magic band plus? What ever happened with that?


They announced sometime in 2022 and then nothing since then.
I have grown to hate the announcements of Big News - Coming in 2022! After say Sept 2021 that is pretty darn vague.
But, they are supposed to interact with the 50th gold statues so you would think not too late in 2022.

Well that sucks. Since they won’t ship magic bands to us, it means we can’t get them until we arrive. Plus we’d have to enter a park first and then off around to link them before using them. :rage:

Can’t you link and activate a MB at your resort? I know they sell MB at all the gift shops in the resorts

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Oh, good point! I didn’t notice them at the resort stores.

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Yes but not always a huge selection

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Can you not order them from shopdisney? They are more expensive there than if you book them with your room though.

WOW I just searched for “magic band” at the UK shopdisney and nothing comes up.


the ones in the resort gift shops are mainly just plain color choices, but one of the3 the contemporary resort gift shops seems to have other fun ones too; a bigger selection than most shops.

can you order than from UK Amazon like I see here in the US? : magic bands

I think they are more expensive than in the gift shop, but I’ve not looked at a plain colored one’s price in awhile

No you can’t. You can get them shipped from the US if you buy off eBay.

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interesting, I ordered something off the UK Amazon site, years ago. I know I’ve shipped to APO addresses from my Amazon account too. But APO is a military thing that goes through the USPS.

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I can’t even buy a book for my kindle from the US site. I did do an order on there for our last stay at POFQ.


I’ve done that before but you get stung by quite high shipping and import taxes.

It’s just another little piece of the magic that’s gone. For my next trip I might not use a MB at all. I’m interested to try out using my Apple Watch.