Magic Bands...aren't they loverly?

Last night, I ordered Magic Bands for our 2020 trip. Okay. It is early. But, you know. It just makes us feel happy.

Posting photos of the choices for myself and my wife. (The kids, we just got the cheaper solid colored ones: Lavender for my DD, Navy for my DS9, and White for my DS16.)

Here is what I got for myself:

Here is what my wife got:

I did consider one of the Dooney and Bourke ones, but the one with Cinderella’s Castle to me is the clear winner.

Go ahead and post your unique Magic Bands!



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Love those!!

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Those are fabulous!!

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I definitely like those.

Another one that I like is

I’m hoping Disney releases better looking DVC ones this year (but I doubt it), or evenan AP-centric one (rrrreally doubt that one)


No special bands as Lady and Tramp bands selling for 244 bucks on ebay :frowning: So just decals1598314734_1j4l


I liked that one as well. Also thought about the Epcot Spaceship Earth one.

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Downside is that it apparently does no special effects. Laaaaame.

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Sorry @ryan1…couldn’t resist


Wow those are awesome Ryan !

Are there batteries of any kind in magic bands?

Nice! I’ve been eyeing that Minnie one for myself :grin:

yes and it lasts about 2 years. Apparently they can be changed too.

I have the SSE one! Wore it for part of my FotA trip last month.

I also have two different Figment ones. :smiley:

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Ooh, yours is beautiful - I’m tempted to expand my collection (although I’ve promised myself not to)!

My favorite out of the ones I have is a limited edition glow in the dark black Pandora, with a drawing of the shaman:


I don’t think they can be changed, I’ve never heard that. But you only need the battery for long range stuff. Everything that you tap for will work indefinitely. And even the 2 years is a minimum, plenty of people have used older ones with no issues.

Even if not, you can always put a new “puck” into them, thereby extending the long-range life of them.

Short range, like your hotel room door, should work indefinitely.

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Oh that’s true, for the newer bands.


While I am pretty sure I myself would not be able to do it (LOL) it looks like some people can:

Sorry, I sorta just repeated part of your post. And also it’s important what you said about short vs long range. I think after the battery dies, the in-ride videos are the only thing you can’t get anymore ? For the in-ride photos, you can always tap at the exit (I think there might be exceptions to that though, it’s a little foggy).