Magic band+

Who is here after the 27th?!


Bout time!

@hodg we owe you big time! well done on getting these released!


The only real thing I see that could make this worth it is the Star Wars bounty hunter thing. I expect to find the flashing lights as part of the fireworks show to actually be an annoyance, not an enhancement.

BUT, I know I’m being too negative ahead of time. I am curious to know what others think of the new bands, feet on the ground.


Me too. I’m trying to think who has said they have a trip in August. @ThorKat, will you be demonstrating for us?

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Agree, the bounty hunter thing sounds fun and hopefully there are plans for more of that.

We will buy at least one to try it out for something new to do.

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I just emailed her because I’m dying. :joy: Poor thing but I think we all knew it was going to happen!

You’re welcome :joy:


But I’m still happy with our choice to get the standard ones for less $

If you all report the SW thing is fabulous then we can always shell out for one.

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When do you go?

I’ll be getting one!! (Aug 20-26)

But I will not be commenting on anything Star Wars related as I don’t believe in Star Wars.


We arrive 19 Aug. @stu is ahead of us.
We’ve got a starcruiser stay so will have plenty of interactive stuff to do

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Hope you do a trip report!

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I look forward to hearing about it!

They had to wait for the great liner meet to wrap up because otherwise they would break it


Me! I’ll be trying to order these from MDE as the launch date is in my pre-order and send to hotel window. I will do the Star Wars missions for sure.

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Yay! Hope you do a trip report, let us know how it goes.

I’m guessing the pre-order for resort stays will not be live until maybe the 27th. It is still the old ones as of today.

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Yes will be checking into Disney on 12th so will test and report back but I’m sure others will give us the score before hand