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I bought magic bands for our trip next week, in part for the pre-trip fun of opening them. I was just poking around MDE, a week out from my trip, and realized I bought a MB+ for my son. There was something on there about it being charged and I finally dug through the whole box and found a charger.

It’s charging and will be updated, but does anyone know how long these hold a charge? Am I going to need to bring the charger for the trip? It looks pretty cool and is a fun surprise for both of us, guess it’s good I’ve been nervously checking and rechecking plans.

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Bring the charger for sure! Plan on charging every night or every other night. They recommend synching with your phone through bluetooth.


Ditto. You are unlikely to get more than a day on a single charge. But that’s just to use the interactive stuff. It doesn’t need to be charged in order for the Tapstyles to work, or to use it to open your room door. So don’t worry too much if you forget to charge it.


We charge each MB+ every night. I remember reading somewhere this was recommended.


With new MagicBand+ bands, always charge and bluetooth pair and with your phone, and use the My Disney app to update the band’s firmware. Once updated, and you’ve adjusted any band settings, you won’t need to bluetooth connect to a phone unless you want to check the band’s battery level, or are doing Fab50 and Batuu Bounty hunter. Even my oldest MB+ bands have not needed a firmware update other than that first time.

We charge ours every night of a trip. We also carry one charging cable, with the portable power bank for our phones in the parks, just in case. IF the band is bluetooth connected to your phone, in the Disney app, you can see the band’s battery level.

Disney says the battery should last about 1-3 days. That being said, you can adjust the LED brightness and vibration intensity from their defaults which can impact battery life.

Also, if you plan on doing the Fab50 Quest Activity, it will drain a little bit more than normal use, but 1 day on a single charge is still definitely achievable.

The Batuu Bounty Hunter activity in DHS will drain the band’s battery FAST and you will struggle making it through the day without needing to charge it in the parks.

To get credit and properly play Fab50 and Batuu Bounty Hunter, you do need the MB+ band bluetooth paired and connected with your phone, the phone must have Disney World app installed and logged in, and the Play Parks app installed, logged in, open, and the Fab50 or Batuu game selected/running.


Related, has anyone replaced their charger? I’m afraid I either left mine in a hotel or threw it away thinking it was my old fitbit charger. I see many results on Amazon but am not sure what’s legit.

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Adding that you will likely need to charge every night to get all the MB+ effects (i.e. lights and vibrations), BUT you don’t need to keep it charged for basic functionality (i.e. scanning in at gates and LL, room key).

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Yes, they sell them in the gift shops. I’ve read about someone doing this in a trip report.

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Here is the legit Disney source if you want to be confident in your purchase and don’t want to wait till you’re onsite.

Edit: it says it’s sold out, but you can compare this to what you see on Amazon or eBay.

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Thank you @Jeff_AZ !

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