Magic Band+ for two

As soon as I spotted Magic Band + for sale on MDE I pounced on these two. Just got them in the mail today. Will be in WDW Sept.20 2022. Hope they work as intended.


Please share your experience with them, I have to wait until December to use mine.

I will say this much. The bands came like this with paperwork and charging cables. Unfortunately the paperwork was a shipping slip so NO instructions were provided. I sure I can google for instructions on set up, but this is how cheap these companies are on paperwork.

I prefer written instructions also but the MDE app does actually walk you through the process.

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Just found this for instructions on how to set the Magic Band+ up Disney MagicBand+ Unboxing & Setup - How To Set Up Your MagicBand+ - Walt Disney World - YouTube

Found this on how to set up the Magic Band+. Personally, I got a box containing the two Magic Band+'s I order but they came without any set up instructions. Hope this helps those of you that are experiencing the same problem. Disney MagicBand+ Unboxing & Setup - How To Set Up Your MagicBand+ - Walt Disney World - YouTube


I couldn’t get the QR code to work, but the instructions in the app were pretty good. I would suggest charging it completely before even trying to turn it on. There was an update, but it wouldn’t install it until I charged it for several hours.

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Because I ordered our Magic Band + via MDE they came already linked to my account. Did not need to take a picture of the QR code. Pairing was another matter. Unlike this video I had to go to another place on phone to pair them. What a pain, but they finally paired. I found I could change color schemes but when I tried to do the adjustment button, it shut down the app. Left well enough alone. Oh yes, I charged both bands all night before pairing.

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There is another thread with sone good info about MB+ if you want to do some reading :grin: