Magic Band Choices

I apologize in advance if this is a topic or answer I should know- but when I go into the MDE app (both on phone and computer) I can see the custom band option themes like Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, etc. but when I click one, it always give me the “no results” message and says to choose another filter. I’ve tried clicking everything but I cannot get to the pay-for bands.
Going nuts!
Is it because I haven’t started the check in process? (The complimentary colors do show.)

I believe it is because they have all sold out so quickly and they haven’t (or don’t plan to) yet replenished their stock.


Yes they sold out immediately and they don’t know when they will have more so just the 8 colors are available.

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You aren’t alone in having trouble with this, lots of people have had problems with getting the magic band upgrades.

Not only that, but it appears you may need to re-customize your free customized bands a second time if you already did that recently before these new themed options became available. At least that is what some people are experiencing. May be worth double checking

magic band detail

I saw someone on another board post that she was told by WDW customer service that they hoped to have premium MB restocked by June 20th