In case I am not the only one who missed this magic band detail

I saw the thread about the new magic band upgrade options but I had already customized our free ones and wasn’t interested in paying for different ones. So I didn’t do anything about it. Then today I went in MDE for something else and happened to see that my magic band customization page for our upcoming trip looked different. It still showed the colors we had selected and everything but at the bottom there was new text that said we still needed to “complete” our order. I chatted with a CM and learned that even though I had fully customized them before the upgrade option was added and had done everything I needed to do then for them to be shipped out to us, now I needed to go back in, select and customize them again (as soon as I clicked on them they all went back to gray), agree to the terms and conditions, and complete the order for the free bands. Thought I would share in case anyone else missed that the change impacted the free bands that had already been customized. Perhaps others noticed this or it was mentioned in the thread and I missed it, but in case I’m not the only one… I would have been disappointed and frustrated if this caused our magic bands to not ship to us customized as we wanted.


No, you are not alone. We are thoroughly confused as well. After reading your post I checked our previous magic band order on MDE and am totally lost as well. Not only did we not see our previous order, but I am not sure if we even have an order now. So we will call 1-800 help tomorrow and ask a real live CM person where we stand. Looks like we need to reorder the “complimentary” bands at the very least.

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I wish they had just left the ones that were already done alone. Or sent an email that gave instructions on confirming your previous order or opting to change with the new upgrades. At the very least an alert letting you know that the order that was complete now isn’t so you know to go do it again. Sorry I wasn’t the only one.


Oh thanks for this! I went into my parents’ MDE to make sure their plain bands were still there but didn’t know they had to complete the order. I’ll finish it off now so I don’t forget.


I guess the original order is still in effect. No need to upgrade unless you want to. Just got off the phone with WDW and they said as long as timely payment is received for reserved reservations, your original MB orders will be shipped with no need to do anything else.

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Definitely don’t need to upgrade. But (and I wish I was surprised by differing responses by CMs) that is not what the CM I chatted with told me about mine. They indicated I did have to go in and “complete” my order or the customization of the complimentary bands I had done before would not be processed. And my order status definitely changed after I did go in and complete and I received an email confirmation after that. I have no idea which CM is right but I’m would rather complete the order than take the chance. Could be our situations were different though. You said you couldn’t see your original order. I could see my customized bands but there was a new action step to complete the order which wasn’t there before and, had I not happened to notice it, I wouldn’t have known to take. Maybe you are closer to your trip than I am so yours had processed??? Hope we all get our bands!

I had the same experience when I looked at my parents order as @MrsWeb. Though I had already picked them plain bands and customised them and could see them, when I went back they turned back to grey as if I’d never picked anything, I had to choose them again and then ‘complete’ the order. Only took me a couple of minutes and I’m glad I did it!

Pretty sure you are right, I was not. I checked MDE again after reading your post and noticed an “edit order” link. I opened that link, ran thru the drill and had the same result as you did. Basically reordered the same “free” bands that we ordered a couple of months ago, but got a confirming email this time. What a Goofy experience this turned out to be!