M&M's RR delayed... crowd level impact

So we are heading to WDW August 19-25, just before the opening of SW:GE. Our crowd levels went up once they announced the SW:GE opening date, but it was apparently due to an expectation that M&M’s RR would be open before SW:GE. It has now been announced that M&M’s RR won’t be open until 2020. When should we expect a decrease in those crowd levels from TP, if at all?

I doubt anyone is going to cancel their trip because MMRR is delayed. So I wouldn’t expect much change to be honest.


I wouldn’t either, but I didn’t really expect them to jump up 2-3 levels due to the possible opening either, and that was the reason specifically cited by Touring Plans. I think this is more a normalization based on new data. If anything it gives locals and annual passholders less incentive to show up, as they were predicting an August opening for the attraction.

That’s a bummer. I’m there the same week and was hoping to check out M&M RR. At least it saves me a tier 1 FPP. :slight_smile:

bummer though that railway isn’t opening

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The target was to open before SW:GE. But the teams working on MMRR have been redirected to SW:GE and specifically the Rise of the Resistance ride, to get that open by it’s original target opening date.

But it does mean that 2020 will have both MMRR and Ratatouille opening.


Oh I’m sad this is delayed…


I’m so sad this is delayed, this is the ride I was most looking forward to actually.

I think it’s a real shame that there won’t be any new teir 1 rides when SWGE opens. If Slinky is hard to get now I worry how hard it will be in September without this ride.


I’m more disappointed that M&MRR will not be open than I am excited about SWGE being open…



Well, this just caused me to change my TP. I am going to add an additional half day to AK and take it away from HS. I was looking forward to M&MRR as something the whole family could do. Since I am not allowed to ride rollercoasters, that doesn’t leave much for me or my 2 young grandchildren.

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Hmmm I tool away from this article that wait times already went up for HS this summer because of the delayed opening (that Len already knew about). With M&MRR being a crowd eater, it being open would decrease waits

But I could have had that wrong!

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Coincidentally (or not), they just announce M&M RR will be added to DLR in Toontown.

I saw that. I really hope that this doesn’t mean the end of Roger Rabbit, which happens to be one of my all time favorite dark rides. But I bet it does…

It sounds like M&M RR will not be replacing anything at Toontown DLR other than a gift shop (the Gag Factory).

Unlike at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is not expected to replace any attractions at Disneyland, which means Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is safe (only the Gag Factory will go). Like DHS, most of the construction will take place outside of public view, with the attraction being built in an existing backstage facility. In other words, this project shouldn’t impact the guest experience at Disneyland. https://www.disneytouristblog.com/mickey-minnies-runaway-railway-coming-to-disneyland/

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I agree with you. Crowd levels don’t go up because an extra ride opens - especially a high capacity ride. They tend to go down, because the crowd is more spread out and the waits go down.

So I would expect crowd levels to remain high.

Disney must really have needed to pull everyone off M&M to have caused a 1 year delay on it. Or, they grossly underestimated what would be required to repurpose that building.
Would it kill them to just hire more people to get both done? (Rhetorical question I suppose).
We’ll be there from the 23 - 27th so I knew that we were missing SW opening. Bummed that M&M won’t be open. So, HS will likely be status quo as compared to our most recent trip.

I believe the issue is with the technology not working.

that makes sense, much more so than a hiring freeze.

i heard the same about it being a crowd eater
bummed for a couple reasons now