Looks like Late FALL ROOM ONLY offers are out

The thunder gods wanted you to get your club level room. wink

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Pixie dust & tears this morning, for sure. I literally jumped out of bed & ran to the phone. smiley

It sure is! Now If I can just get off hold lol. I was able to add our extra day which I'd been holding out on booking and it still went down about $100 so i'm happy. Was going to jump 300 before this. Here's all the info for those that want it...



Thanks. I was going to post what was in my URL but wasn't sure if it'd work! Although the discount is GREAT, availability is pretty slim (at least the weeks I searched). Good luck!

Surprisingly it seems pretty open for the first week in December but that may be due to not having free dining at that time.

That's cool! I don't think FD has anything to do with it though, as they're separate "pots" of rooms (if I understand correctly). I think you picked a better week! Of the 2 wks I was considering, 1 had FD and 1 did not, but both have been booked up at even rack rate (granted, I was only looking at deluxe). So much for low fall crowds LOL

Yea... I'm just at POR... it's been wide open this whole time. The regular rooms don't seem to have much avail for new promo but the Royal Rooms are still available, and that's what we'd book originally.

I know under FD my week, Pop and CSR were down to just the least desirable rooms. Glad you got what you wanted!!

Well I haven't yet... been on hold for 30 minutes... pray

I think it's interesting the FD & RO booking windows are overlapping. I'm guessing lots of FD rooms will open up this week haha

Oh my I'm sorry, I got right though. Did you try booking online? Here's the # I used, IDK if it's different: 4075602428.

I already have mine booked at rack... i'm sure it'll be fine. I just didn't get calling right at open because they sprang this on us. normally I would have been up 30 minutes before ready to dial.

IKR?!? I'm so glad the thunder woke me up! Good luck!

Whew... finally done and got our room all booked. And because I'd seen it said both ways before even though I added a day and they added the discount they did not have to change my res number or refund anything. They just added the discount code to the existing reservation and all the payments carried over automatically. So glad that's done it was one of those big items on my list that has been looming for awhile lol.


Now you are officially DONE!!! Did you book your air yet -- or are you driving!

Moving to the Deals and Money section....

Just an FYI. I have a current bounceback reservation for CSR standard business class for 10/24 for 7 nights for $1,304.94. Checked same with fall RO for the week before and it was $1534.05. Booking on line was no problem (even though I didn't do it)!

We're driving. I really only have a couple things left. I need to find an earlier BoG reservation, Figure out which Candlelight processional package I'll be keeping once they announce the rest of the narrators, and get ready for FP+ day. Pretty sure everything else is done.

What comes with Business Class @Sorcerers_Apprentice? I would have an idea of what to expect in a standard hotel but not sure about Disney.

So funny! That was the same week & room I booked for BB too!!! CSR BizClass!!! We might've been neighbors. Now I'm going in Nov @ YC.