Looking for opinions for breakfast choices

Looking for opinions on breakfast choices. We will not be on the dining plan. I am planning on Tusker House and PPO at The Plaza. Considering a PPO at Be Our Guest. Thinking about a 7:30 reservation at The Wave. Traveling with 5 adults, a 3.5 year old and a 14 month old. ADR day in 19 days! What should I eliminate? What am i missing? I am not willing to pay for an really expensive character meal with food that is not worth the price.

I would skip PPO at BOG then. It’s overpriced OOP


Ditto @OBNurseNH If you are wanting to actually eat food and enjoy it at BOG, not worth it. I do it to get in early and just order a cupcake, or if DH is there we split something. It isn’t even that the food is bad, but it is a really hectic experience for the price.

I enjoyed Kona a couple years ago, but I have read that the menu changed so perhaps others can chime in. My cousins love Trails End and Whispering Canyon, but I haven’t been there since I was a kid myself.

We did 1900 Park Fare for my little Mary Poppins loving niece. The food was yummy and I didn’t feel like we paid to much, but the character experience for her was definitely part of what made it worth it.

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I did the Plaza and BOG last trip. The Plaza will put you behind the crowd but will allow you to rope drop. It was a very good breakfast and a great value.

I will second 1900 for littles. Also CP

Kona is great. We are doing 'Ohana this time (haven’t done breakfast there before)

The Wave is a fantastic breakfast and a great value. Just a short walk to MK from there.

@cjandres hit the nail on the head re: BOG. Too hectic. I wish they would figure that place out.

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Do you get the buffet?

Yes, we get the buffet. It’s so good.
The atmosphere is super chill too. No rush.

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Thanks, I am staying at BLT in August and I have it booked!


What I love about The Wave is that those who want a full blown buffet can have it. Whilst someone who just wants coffee and pancakes can just order them off the menu. No waste of $$$ for someone who really doesn’t want a buffet.


We agree with everyone about The Wave. We have stayed at BLT and have eaten there several times, and have gotten the buffet. So convenient! We used to always take the kids to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, but now that they are getting older, we prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of The Wave.


I have heard good things about The Wave. The buffet seems quite reasonable for Disney. The fact that some can choose the buffet while others can just order an entree is a plus.


Since this is the first trip for the children, they will be happy just to be eating in restaurants. They won’t know that they are missing out on characters.


Where are you staying?

If we are taking the early morning bus for PPO breakfast times, I am guessing that the bus goes just to the parks? If we are getting dropped off at MK, do we have to go through security to get to the walkway to the Contemporary?

Not at this time.

Can you go to BOG and only order dessert? That would be a great way to have the 3.5 year old get to see the inside of the castle.

I thought you had to go round and through security first when exiting the buses?

I’ve heard they get a bit snippy if you try to cut through the bus station straight to the path.

We are staying at POFQ. Counting on the early bus to get to early reservations.

Yes - currently there is no minimum order for BOG when it is running as a QS during breakfast and lunch. You can order as little as you want - just need the ADR to get in.

I actually like going for lunch and getting soup with one of the strawberry cupcakes. They only have one cupcake (the one with the gray stuff) at breakfast, but there are a few options on the lunch menu.