Looking for late April 2020 Memory Maker Share

I’ll be in WDW from 4/27 - 5/2. Looking to share Memory Maker

Just missed your dates. We’ll be there April 10-16. Are you in the fb group?

Just joined fb group - appreciate the tip :slight_smile:

:raising_hand_woman: My dates are 4/19-4/25 which could work.

Thank you, that does work! Only one of us can download photos, so I’d download all of yours at the end of your trip, how is that?

See these tips/warnings: https://www.themouseforless.com/blog_world/2016/02/words-warning-sharing-memory-maker/

I have done shares my last 2 trips. The first I was a participant and the second time I was the lead.

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Someone makes a dummy account that everyone “friends” and dummy account purchases memory maker. After last person has traveled, the dummy account login is shared so everyone can go in and download their own pictures.

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Great info. Thank you!!

This is my first time trying it, as you can tell…

I will be there April 3-13th & also looking to share. I haven’t had any luck getting approved to join the FB group so haven’t been able to get any info there.

This might be too tight? My last day is May 2 and there are only 30 days to download, is that right? So it would be pushing it…

Looks like our dates are a better fit. I’m also looking to join a share. P.S. I wrote a quick pm to the admin on the fb group.

I’m brand new to TP so still trying to figure this out, apologies!! fb = facebook, correct? So I’m able to like the Touring Plans page, but can’t find a group to join. How do I do that? I also can’t figure out how to message bigsar1 directly; their dates are perfect also. Help!

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Search Facebook for “Liner April 2020” and the private group should show up.


You’re the best, thanks! I sent a join request

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Well I still haven’t gotten a response to my fb group request. If I can’t get in, will you still link me to the Memory Maker share? Thank you!

The admin replied and has been approving requests.

I haven’t had any luck getting in either.

I’m also looking for a share - my dates are April 17 to 23. I tried joining the FB group, but haven’t had any luck.

I have 2 others (@VyInDK and @rdubiel) Your dates would work and that would make 4 people. I can send you a private message for more details.

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