Looking for a mid September Memory Maker share

Does anyone have any spaces available in a MM share or is someone willing to start a new one? Our trip dates are September 13-20 and it’s just my husband and I so I don’t think we’ll take enough pictures to justify the $169 for just the 2 of us!

I’m interested in joining. I sent a PM with our dates. Thanks!

Awesome! Still looking for about 3 more to join :slight_smile:

Hello @courtlassitter ! My dates are Sep 6-10 and want to join the share as well.
I’m not sure of the logistics of how to do this, hopefully you know how or someone has sent you the details.

My travel dates are Sept 10-13. I may be interested :smile:

@laineylains send me a pm with your details!

Are the shares full? Or are we looking for people to join? Have someone interested :smile:

She is looking to buy it starting Sep 1 so be sure to reach out to her asap!

We are going 9/26-10/3/15 and I am looking for a share. Not sure if you still have room or if you dates would work being you have some earlier ones.

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We will be in the park 9/26-10-1 and another family and us would like to share.

has anyone heard from @courtlassitter since Sunday?

@mrslisadawn @rchenier @ustasmom @ddillard

since @courtlassitter is not responding, are you still interested in Sep share?

Ddillard I believe is too late, but I would need mine purchased by Sep 3rd for mine to be activated for Sep 6.

If you are interested, can you please PM your personal email, and facebook name and dates and I’ll create a facebook group.
I am at a tradeshow Sep 3-6 so it would be great if someone else can set up this share group.

I have a document on how to set this up, if not I can do it but I’m really tight on time now but I’d love to have the pics but can’t justify paying $170.
Pm me asap with your contact info.

How close do the dates have to be? We are going the last week of September.

@ustasmom the timer starts ticking at the first download.

Since we won’t be downloading until we return Sep 11, our Memory Share can continue capturing photos until Oct 10.

I have asked my boyfriend to help run this memory share, so I am ok with leading it but will need people asap to get this through! I will proceed if we get a minimum of 4 people.

From Disney official site:
How long can I capture photos at Walt Disney World Resort with my Memory Maker purchase?
A.You can begin capturing photos as soon as you purchase Memory Maker. Once you download the first photo—or otherwise redeem your Memory Maker purchase—you then have 30 days to capture more photos. Please remember to download your photos before they expire.

How many others do you have? I have two other family that I am traveling with who will do it with us.

Hi @utstasmom I have no one else confirmed so far.

If it’s you 3 families plus me than that’s the minimum 4. I will accept more families until Sep 2 night.
Can you pm me all of the contact info and I can set up a closed facebook group?

Yes I am interested. I will PM you my details now.

Hi everyone,

We have THREE groups right now and looking for AT LEAST ONE MORE FAMILY whose travel dates are within:
Sep 5-mid October.

Please PM asap with your name, email address and dates as I will be buying the MM Tomorrow Sep 2.

I am definately interested and had one other person interested :slight_smile: I will pm you her email information :slight_smile: So how many would that give us? My dates are 9-10-13 and hers was the 11-16.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for thinking of me. Fortunately, we have season passes so this is not our only trip this year. Enjoy your trip! I’m sure you will have a great time!