Longing for warmth

For those of us living in the heart of the current “polar vortex”, we must set our minds upon visions of Florida, and the warmth that abounds there (even if it is also rather chilly there compared to usual standards).

Report your temperatures here.

Where I’m at right now, temperature is -10 degrees F. Wind Chill puts it at -31 degrees F. Honestly, other than my drive in to work, I wasn’t impacted much by it…other than the fact our furnace is struggling to keep up. We may have to kick on a few electric space heaters in our house in the next day or so!

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28 F windchill 19.

We will be single digits and our furnace will struggle. My first thought of your Midwest temperatures was how do the furnaces keep up???

Oh. Just saw this posted on the News site. I guess Elsa’s in TROUBLE.



It is -11 F but wind chill puts it at -38 F.


The way homes are built, including types of furnaces, varies depending on where you live. But the temperatures we are experiencing for the next two days are lower than the temperatures the systems are designed for.

Makes sense!

It is -8 with a wind chill of -35. Temperature had gone down since the sun came up. College was canceled for DS and DD. Hoping my furnace will keep up too. Just changed the filter.

Balmy here…

-47 with the windchill here in Canada! Can’t wait for Florida :sunny:

Not too bad where I am, but our Chicago office is apparently fairly empty today, with over 3,000 staff working from home… Someone said the “real feel” temperature there (with wind chill) is -49F! :dizzy_face:

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6 F with wind chill -13 here.

-18, feels like -24.

Right now it is 19F, not sure the wind chill.

Right now we’re at -2 degrees F with a -25 degrees F wind chill. And 668 days until I get to be in Florida again :sob:

Currently a chilly 48F morning in Northern California. Wishing you all warm thoughts. Stay safe out there, my friends!

Don’t hate me…

I even went to the effort of changing it to Fahrenheit for you!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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now 32F in DC

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