LL and Genie for one day at HS?

A friend and I are visiting HS for one day on 4/10. Will Genie+ and LL be worth it? I just started to plan the day and it looks like we have some wait times up to over an hour for some attractions. In all the times I’ve been to Disney I’ve never waited in line for more than a half hour except for MFSR.

DHS is one of the parks where G+ and LL$ make the most since - especially now. The parks are insanely packed with people doing their cancelled/postponed trips from 2020 & 2021. Plus, you have all the people “getting back out there”.

There’s so few rides that the queues are packed. If you are only going to DHS for one day, this will be a “must” purchase, if you can afford it - especially if you are used to not waiting longer than 30 minutes.

Currently, more than 80% of people entering the ride each hour are from the LL. Because, unlike old free FastPass, people are paying for G+/LL$ so they are highly prioritizing those guests.


Just wondering about the source for the 80% figure?

On April 10, HS CL is 7. That’s the Sunday at the start of Easter week. Here’s a TP blog from 3 weeks ago. It covers each of the four parks, and on low vs medium vs high CL days.

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Touring Plans! :wink: :rofl:

They put out an article and have discussed on their podcast. Plus, it’s been citied by others at The DIS / FeshBaked / MiceChat and etc… It’s no secret / “insider” info

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Yes 100%.

Choose your must-do attractions, plan a strategy using LL availability data and drop time data. You won’t be disappointed. Use thrill-data.com to look at the LL return times at a given time for each attraction.


Am I understanding this correctly…

Since we’re not staying on property we can only purchase G+ and LL at midnight or after the night before?

Do guests staying on property get first chance to snag LL at 7am while we would only be able to do so at park opening? If yes, will it be hard to get LL times?

Individual day G+ attraction package purchase is between 12 and 7am. If you did not add G+ at ticket purchase time, its a day at a time.

No. All guests are equal when booking LL. 7am for everyone. Its the Individual LL (currently 1 attraction-ROTR) that on site guests have the advantage.


Can’t find it - do you have a link?

I did find this from TP’s Becky Gandillon saying they can’t tell from their data and that she guesses the ratio is less than FP+.

I have read anecdotally about a 4:1 ratio between LL and standby - maybe that’s what you’re referring to?


Disney World Allocates Up to 93% Of Ride Capacity to Lightning Lane.

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I agree with you, 80% is an accurate estimate!

Had to laugh at your original reply :wink: BTW, you need to fill out your survey sir! :joy: Also, How the heck are you going to make a touring plan for VB? :man_shrugging:

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I only fill them out for trips I actually take. I still make my “virtual” TP to follow along during my day and to test my TPs (and for fun!)

:rofl: I’m not! Those are the dates where I will do VB most of the day and then get over to a park before close or as a placeholder to remind me that’s a VB day!

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Yeah, that sounds like the 1:4 ratio I’ve read anecdotally, but that only translates to 80% of capacity if the LL queue is always full.

In any case Blogmickey isn’t exactly my go-to for reliable technical information on G+. Seems mostly a generic wdw news site and they don’t cite sources. I can’t find any independent sources to back it up.


The LL ratio goes up (level 2) with “elevated demand”. Which is pretty much every day at WDW!

I though Blog Mickey is one of the best, but what do I know…

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Eh, Blog Mickey doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

In all seriousness, if I remember right the 93% number (which was used for FP+) is the number they will go up to and is usually only used for when they have a ton of anytime LLs due to ride breakdowns.

I can’t remember where I saw it but after the Blog Mickey article someone posted that the steady state ratio for LL was more around 50-60% - that’s all they are giving out - and it only got higher when there were breakdowns and such.


Well that’s interesting. That’s quite a difference from the previous FP+ to standby ratio of 80:20.

If you think about it, only 30-50% of park goers are using G+ where close to 80-90% of park goers used FP+.


Whatever the line merge ratio is, it only applies if there are enough people in the LL queue. If it’s empty bc they stopped giving out LL’s then standby picks up.

50-60% of capacity going to LL sounds plausible.

Smaller # of ppl using G+ would also account for reported shorter waits in LL vs FP+ lane.