LIVE Trip Report: Pop Century July 2nd-July 9th

You should be there by now! Have fun!

Love these pictures!!! She looks so excited! We load up the family car and head out tomorrow. Maybe our ADHD kids can meet up and burn off some energy together!

Have a great trip.

Just read this whole post and now I’m so excited for you! Have a magical time! Can’t wait to follow along.

Tasha sounds like a lot of fun to be had!! I would be interested in your stroller as we will be checking in at POR on July 10 and I have a 5 year old who I am worried about making it through the whole day. Actually I have been trying to convince my hubby to rent a stroller but he is convinced she will be fine…I don’t think so. :smile:

Let me know?

You can have it! I can try to drop it off there for you at the front desk. Just PM me your name and I will try! You will need it @thomasm as my kiddo almost collapsed after 4 hours!


We got off the flight on time at 11:15 AM. We headed right for Magical Express, but got lost & ended up in Terminal A instead of B? Not sure how that happened, but we found our way back to B… then got right onto the Magical Express!!! No wait. It took about an hour to get to Pop. They first stopped at AoA and then Pop and then the AKL. We slept for the whole hour. Tipped the bus driver $5 for waking us up! NICE GUY!

Check in was a breeze because I already did most of it online. However I didn’t get the room I wanted… But still I am kinda close to the bus stop. I got the 90’s building, right near the HUGE rubix cube:

By the time we got to the hotel room it was about 1:00 PM and we were HUNGRY. So we headed to the food hall and got this:

Now off to Magic Kingdom:

Day 1, Part 2: Magic Kingdom / Fantasyland

1:30 PM - Rode the bus to MK. It took about 20 minutes to get there from Pop.
2:00 PM to 4:30: Took a lot of photos, watched Dream Along with Mickey, went to the Swiss Tree House, watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade in the FRONT ROW!, ran under the Tiki sprinklers, rode Magic Carpets.
4:30-5:30 PM: Dinner at Crystal Palace… took us in right away and only took about 60 minutes to meet all the characters!
5:30-8:45 PM: Tea Cups, Winnie the Pooh ride, FP for Mine Trains, visited Rapunzel’s Tower, rode it’s a small world, FP for Anna & Elsa (priceless), carrousel, saw Mickey’s Philmaragic (my favorite), threw a penny in Gaston’s tavern’s well, rode Under the Sea, then rode FP Peter Pan.

We then BOOKED it down main street before the night time parade started… as by this time my kiddo would have loved to stay for the entire time, however I was ready to collapse!!! We got on the bus with no wait & headed back to the hotel.

Phew… now sleep time. As you guys can see… I did EVERYTHING I wanted to do with my TP, plus some. They really do work! The bummer is my TP App wouldn’t work on my phone… so I relied 100% on my printed copy. Today I am going to bring my Ipad, so I am hoping I can use it there!!!

I will write more detail later


Thanks for sharing your trip! I really appreciate your detail regarding the wait times and dining times…helps me make adjustments to my touring plan before we go in August. Enjoy!

An awesome first day. So glad things have been going perfectly. Hope the magic continues. Will definitely be reading along. It is good to know both your limits and hers. You are doing great,

Sounds like a great start!!

Glad day 1 went just as it was supposed to! Love the picture with Eeyore. Have a great day 2!

Day 2: PART 1 - Magic Kingdom / Fantasyland
My kiddo woke up at 5:30 AM on the dot… so although we didn’t have to be up until 6:30… we were up anyway. I’m glad about that now, because I completely under estimated how long it’d take us to get ready & get to the bus stop.

7:00-7:30: Waited for the bus for 10 minutes then boarded for MK for rope drop. The bus was packed, to my surprise. Took a little over 20 minutes this time around.

We made it just in time to watch the welcome show. My daughter was surprisingly super excited to watch it… It was rather adorable. We got some more photos at the entrance from photopass. One liner told me a few weeks ago that you want to do the photos in the morning before all the kids turn grouchy & I’d say that’s 100% accurate.

8:00-9:00: My daughter went NUT-SO yesterday when she saw the Astro-Orbiter in the sky & wanted to ride it sooooo bad. The line yesterday was a 45 minute wait, so I told her we’d make it there today… And we did! I was terrified, as it’s really high! The cast member let us ride 2x. Once we got off the ride, I noticed the Tomorrowland telephone!! YAY! Its a nice treat to come across… it’s the little things for me. We then did the Tomorrowland Speedway cars with no wait… WOW was I in for a ride, as my kiddo is the worst at steering, so we were jerked and bumped from head to toe when we got off (this made me decide that I would not use a FP on this in a few days when I planned on doing a detailed tour of Tomorrowland). We then walked briskly over to Fantasyland, which was a ghost town… We rode the Barnstormer 2x in a row, Dumbo, Met Ariel, rode Under the Sea again all with no wait time. I had a FP for meeting Ariel, but we didn’t use it. What I didn’t realize is that if you don’t use a FP, even if the time has expired, you can trade it out for another FP later in the day (SUPER COOL DISNEY!).

By now it was 9:00 and my reservation for Be Our Guest wasn’t until 9:30, but the cast mate let us in anyway. We pre-ordered, so the food came out within minutes. The three rooms were amazing. The west wing (I think) was very dark and “scary” according to my kiddo… she wanted to see the rose & then “get the heck outta here”. The main room was very crowded, so we chose the east wing (I think), which was filled with paintings of the Beauty & the Beast story… very quiet and peaceful. Our waitress never said a single word to us, which was odd. The food was alright, but nothing spectacular like other Liners have said. We were in & out in less than 30 minutes, so who was I to complain? I took another liners advice & ordered a bottled drink with my meal, then took it to go. The most special part of the process was walking out & seeing the mosaic of Beauty & the Beast dancing. My kiddo was dressed as Belle today, so she LOOOVED standing there for a photo. Right outside was a photopass photographer & we had fun with magic shots of Esme holding Luminere. Adorable.

9:30-11:00 - By this time we were scorching HOT. If it wasn’t for my frog togs and spray fans (pre-bought thanks to liners) I would have fainted from the heat. I had planned a lot more time at the Beasts Castle, so to be done already… I felt a little lost b/c my FP for Storytime with Belle wasn’t till 10:20… I asked my kiddo what she wanted to do & she said she wanted to play in Casey’s Splash Corner. So, why not? We walked over there & she got soaked… however she had the time of her life. I let her run around for about 15 minutes before she said she was done… that’s when we realized we forgot to pack extra underwear for her! AH. Thankfully at the Big Souvenir Tent Shop they had a pair of $12.95 Minnie mouse underwear for kids… so we got them. We still had about 30 minutes to spare, so we decided to meet Minnie & Daisy at Silly Pete’s. We got in within 1 minute waiting. Minnie was a riot… she kissed us a lot!!! Daisy was jealous, so she’d try to steal the attention from Minnie. It was like a love triangle. Then Esme saw Goofy on the other side of the tent, so we went to line up to meet him. It took a little over 2 minutes to meet Goofy, then Donald. I’d have to say that Goofy was definitely the best character so far… super funny & took a lot of time posing with us. After meeting the characters, then usher you into the gift shop (of course), where I bought myself a Goofy Hat! We then stopped over at Gaston’s Tavern for a cup of his famous La Fou’s Brew… which I hated & threw out… but it was worth trying! By now it was 10:15, so we went to Belle’s cottage for the FP. We got in within 5 minutes… WOW was this show cool. Not only do you get to be inside in air conditioning, but the kids get to role play with Belle. At the end, Esme took a precious photo with Belle in her Belle dress! She was the only one dressed up, so Belle paid a lot of attention to her. Afterwards Esme couldn’t stop talking about how soft Belle’s dress was… adorable!

So we get outside and realize it’s only 11:00. This is when I noticed that people were starting to come… The prediction was an 8 day, now I see why… The plan was to watch the noon time parade, which my daughter insisted she wanted to see again… but when I looked down at her, she was beat red from the heat & looked exhausted, so I told her we’d watch it another time, that we should go to the hotel to rest instead. She happily agreed, as long as we could ride the Tea Cups again (I have vertigo, so I reluctantly agreed). We waited about 2 minutes for tea cups, then neither of us had any energy to actually “turn” the wheel, so we just sat there and enjoyed the breeze instead.

It took FOREVER getting to the bus stop… Everyone was right when they said Pop’s bus at the end of the day is 10000000000 miles from the park. But we only waited a minute before the bus arrived. It was empty, aside from us & one other family. Again, only took 20 minutes to arrive at Pop.

We spent the last 3 hours at the hotel relaxing, swimming for about 30 minutes, then eating at the food court. While at the food court my kiddo had a melt down, so I decided she needed to rest some more!!! Now here we are… she is resting while I am typing this…

We’ll see if later turns out as “easy peasy” as this morning! I’m happy that my TP and OCD planning panned out!!!


Love that your trip is going so well. Thank you for all the details in your report! It will help so much in planning our next trip!

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Glad you were able to get so much done!

You are doing it right letting your child rest. Passporter mom’s say something to the effect of Do less, enjoy more.

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I’m so happy I found this trip report. Looks like you are off to a great start. I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip. Have a great time.

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Day 2 - Part 2: Magic Kingdom / Fantasyland

So we took off to the MK around 3:30, again the bus took about 20 minutes to get there.

4:00-6:00: I was able to switch my FP that I didn’t need use earlier (Meeting Ariel b/c there was no line) to the Seven Dwarves Mine Train for 3:20-4:20, so we had to book it to the ride to make it in time. I was shocked that my daughter loved this ride as much as she did. We then made our way to Mickey’s Philharmagic again, as my daughter just LOVED this show… and I also loved it because of the music and amazing graphics! The wait was about 10 minutes and it was a packed house. It’s priceless watching your kiddo sing along and try to reach out to hug the characters on screen. We were able to walk onto the Carousel right afterwards. While riding the carousel we noticed the Sword in the Stone, so we checked that out immediately afterwards. It was flaming hot still, so I stopped at a kiosk to get Esme a Mickey Bar… OF COURSE! At this point, it was only 5:15 so we had time before the Bibbity Boutique, Esme choose to go back to Dumbo. So off we went. I really appreciated that they had a “playground” inside in the air conditioning… however Esme got lost and couldn’t find me while in there, so she panicked and started crying… of course, as her Mom I could tell her cry from any other kid & found her immediately. She was traumatized.

6:00-7:30: We made our way to Bibbity Boppity Boutique. It was insanely packed in there. We waited over 20 minutes for our Fairy Godmother to come… but once she did, it was MAGICAL! Esme picked Jasmine as her outfit, as well as a long black hair extensions to match. Her fairygodmother was just amazing, super interactive and happy. I gave her a generous tip because I really appreciated that she made my kiddo feel like the only child in there. A part of the package was a photo shoot, but we had to make our way across the “street” to get it done & we again ran into a 20 minute wait. But again, it was worth it. The photos came out awesome. Esme honestly felt like a super star!

By this time it started thundering and lightning hardcore. I grabbed a towel and ran Esme across the street to our FP meeting Cinderella & Rapunzel. There was a 5 minute wait before we were let in. Cinderella was okay, but super shy & said very little. But, oh boy, Rapunzel is very zesty and alive… she hopped right over to Esme and skipped with her into the photo shoot. Then she did really funny poses with my kiddo. Rapunzel whispered something to Esme, they both laughed, then we were out the door. My kid still won’t tell me what she said!!!

7:45-9:00 - It was still thundering & raining outside, but we had dinner reservations for 8:10. So I ran with Esme across the court yard to our stroller, then raced down to Liberty Tavern. It was insane how many people were out in the pouring rain, can we say DEDICATED?! We were there by 8, but didn’t get seated until 8:35. By this time Esme was so tired, so we kind of rushed through the meal… however I really appreciated the New England food, made me feel at home… It was family style and they gave us SO much food, that I felt bad wasting most of it. My kiddo seriously only ate a pile of mac & cheese and 3 rolls. I still don’t have the hang of using my magic band for tips… They bring me the receipt, but there is no place for a tip?! So I’ve just been leaving cash.

By 9:00 it was still pouring. So, although they didn’t officially “cancel” the 4th of July fireworks show, I made the decision to leave. The stroller was soaked, I was soaked & Esme looked like a zombie… so against her begging to stay, I chose to find the nearest exit. Unfortunately about 500 people made the same decision, at the same time… so it was like a trample fest getting down main street. People were not very nice either, pushing & yelling & cutting people off. I didn’t like that part. We got to the bus within 10 minutes and the bus arrived within 5 minutes. I gave up my seat for another little kid, it just seemed wrong sitting there when a 4-5 year old was standing. Esme & him had a great conversation about characters.

So again… Touring plan worked! Blessed to have found this site!

Now we are back to Pop & Esme is zoncked out in her totally stiff hair-sprayed/jelled hair. I’m scared to see what it will look like in the morning… 8:00 ADR at Tusker House… I better get to bed!




She’s absolutely adorable!

She looks great!

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