LIVE Trip Report: Pop Century July 2nd-July 9th

You will love Pop we have stayed there 5 times! Be sure and get a pool preferred room and you will be close to the food court/transportation. I would probably not take a taxi to the CR just take the bus to MK and then hop on the Monorail.

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So here I am, just 2 days to go… I thought I would be a nervous wreck at this point, but strangely I am not. It’s amazing, as just a month ago I was running around with my head cut off, worrying about ADR’s and FP and touring routes and parades and timing… Now I am just relaxing. I feel confident that no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) I am going to have a magical time. It’s amazing the relief you feel, once you find a site like this, where your peers can give you advice & help ease that worry.

So now that I am down to the wire… I have officially printed off all my customized touring plans, downloaded the app for TP as well as Disney & finally printed off the maps of the parks (from Kenny the Pirate, I like the character finder maps the best). I wouldn’t have thought of this, but a liner suggested I also printed off the “itinerary” pages from It gives you the details of your reservations & fast passes. The Disney and TP apps have been messing up a lot on my tablet & phone, so it will be a good back up if all else fails.

I’ve also went to the Dollar Store’s & Party Store’s in my area to pick up little Disney Trinkets… Also a good tip I received from Liners!!! I put a variety of these little items in little party bags, then when my kiddo is waiting in line for the bus/a ride/to eat, I can pull a bag out & surprise her with something to do. Most of the items are basic & cheap, so if she loses them or breaks them, there is no stress. I found a lot of cool little “games” at the Party Store, such as Disney themed rubix cubes or paddle boards or bubbles or sticker scenes or binoculars, which are tiny enough to fit in a party bag & carry. The Dollar Store had more of the figurines and glow sticks.

Lastly, my Disney themed tank tops arrived from last night & they are fabulous. I was having a hard time finding adult shirts in my area (little old Vermont). But I lucked out online. If you don’t search around, you could be paying top $ for Disney gear… so watch out!!! I found Ariel, Mickey, Cinderella & Lion King tank tops for only about $10 each (on sale ironically). Can’t wait to wear them!!!

I’ve noticed that I have been getting an email from Disney everyday now, informing me of other opportunities I can choose to do while I am there. However, I feel like my plate is already full… so I am just going to stick with the plan. It’s amazing how much they try to get you to do while there!!!


I looked through some of the room locations that face the giant YoYo that you requested and WOW! What a super fun location/view you requested!
Don’t forget to come back and let us know if you got the room you requested or something close by :smile:
Have fun, soak up every moment and watch every expression on Esme’s face-they will be priceless!


@TashaM I’m not sure if you looked through your MDE app. Under Guest Services, the Disney Photopass Services has the locations of their photographers. Picture Spots is also neat too.


Thanks @Lynn70053, I didn’t see that! SUPER helpful! I was thinking I could explore the app more once I was at the airport… Maybe I should reconsider! @spoerlx3 I thought it was a fun spot! I will def let you know & take pictures… FINGERS crossed.

Don’t forget your magic shots. I may have posted this already, but it doesn’t hurt to share again:

Have a great flight, easy travel and lots of magic! Cannot wait to hear your trip and thoughts.


I have a bag of similar trinkets, but I wrapped them all in tissue paper and put them into the “surprise bag.” If my boys have good behavior all (or most) of the day they get to pick from the surprise bag at night. I stole this from my mom who used to save all the toys from the cereal boxes (remember those?) all year long for the vacation surprise bag.

Good incentive @tjkjbarton… My mom used to do the same things with saving the toys from the cereal boxes & from McDonald’s happy meals! Bah ha ha! It’s so funny that you mention that. I decided to give them to her while in lines b/c she is very ADHD and gets very antsy in line… so this was my way of alleviating the “CUT IT OUT CHILD” moments. I do not see anything wrong with bribes - I’d rather bribe than scream!

Thanks @Jedilogray! I wrote down this link before, so I am sure you gave it to me… But it’s super helpful!!! We are very theatrical, so magic shots is right up my alley!

And FYI: I just got my first reminder email for my first ADR on Thursday ---- OMG! IT’s REALLY HAPPENING!

I have an ADHD child too. Am crossing my fingers for no in public meltdowns.

:smile: I just got the TP update that our fax was sent and I had the same reaction: It’s really happening!!

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Congrats! So exciting! Maybe our ADHD children will run into each other while we are at Disney!

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Happy to hear you are ready to go and feeling calm. I find that the panning can be stressful, but once it is done you can relax each day at the parks and just follow your plan. When we went in April 2014 I had planned everything for all 8 days. There was only one thing we didn’t get to on our TP, watching the Water Pageant from the Poly beach after dinner at O’hana. I wasn’t feeling well and decided to make it an early evening instead. But we literally did everything else I had planned. Hope you have the same success!

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@Wahoohokie, I am so glad you wrote this:

This gives me a lot of hope and optimism.


The plans work! It does help that my kids are older (they were 10&12) and don’t try to veer off the plan each day!

We went to Tony’s in December. It was very good, and we had prime viewing of the parade when we finished dinner!

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Yay! We are at the airport!


WOO HOO!!! Such a cute picture of you 2! Have a magical adventure and don’t forget to let us know if you got the room you chose at POP!

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So I am in the air, heading to Orlando. Like a complete idiot, I forgot my kiddos headphones… so I had to buy some at JFK. Its a lifesaver to have TV with an ADHD child.

However, I learned the hard way why you pack LIGHT with kids. Its a complete mess trying to roll a carry on, push a stroller, carry kiddos backpack on one shoulder and carry my laptop on the other shoulder… Needless to say its not a pretty site.

I am proud of my kiddo, as this is her first time flying… and she wasn’t scared ag bit. She even got a set of “wings” from the flight attendant, which made her feel special.

I will say that JetBlue makes it really wasy with kids. They let us board first. They take our stroller at the plane door, then return it at the door when we get off. Plus they give lots of free snacks!

And we can’t forget about Elsa… she’s having the time of her life!


OMG!! It’s happening. Have a magical time!! You two look awesome, and she looks soooo happy.

Have fun! We stayed at Pop for the first time last fall and we really liked it. I look forward to reading the rest of the report. :smile: