LIVE Trip Report: Pop Century July 2nd-July 9th

When: July 2nd through July 8th 2015 (I will be doing LIVE reports each night)
Staying: Pop Century
Who: Me (30) and my daughter (5) who are both first timers

Background: I feel like I did a lot of research before coming to Disney. Thanks to all the liners who endlessly answered my questions. I am very OCD and huge on planning & being prepared. First & foremost, we are going to Disney for the experience, so we planned our time to really try to take in the environment, rather than get to every ride or event… we know we will only see about 10% of what we are planning. IF we only make it to our character meals, we will be happy!
HOTEL: After a lot of weighing back & forth, I decided on Pop because it’s affordable & it has it’s own bus system. I originally was going to stay at the Contemporary for the convenience of walking, but when I saw the price difference, I just couldn’t rationalize it.
TO RENT OR NOT TO RENT: I decided NOT to rent a car, my daughter said what she was really looking forward to is me being able to enjoy the bus with her!? How could I rent a car after a statement like that!!! Plus, I hate driving! I chose to bring my stroller, although my daughter is 5 & hasn’t used it in years… she gets grouchy & cranky after about 30 minutes of walking, so it’s the safe bet. I actually did a lot of “test runs” ahead of time to build up her stamina & 30 minutes was the max walking she could handle.
FOOD: My daughter loves to eat often, although when she does eat it’s very little. She also LOVES going out to eat, it’s a magical experience to her, from picking the food to ordering from the waitress to soaking in the cool posters on the wall. So I chose to get the Deluxe Dining plan (3 table service & 2 snacks a day). To some it’s a lot of food, to me it’s perfect because my daughter will need it, plus it forces us to take a break. I also chose to do a lot of character dining, which was to help my shy daughter interact with characters… we have had experiences at other parks where she would wait in line, then freak out once it was her turn to say hello. I would hate to waster 30+ minutes waiting for a character in the heat, just for her to panic at the last minute. So I asked her which characters she wanted to meet and then planned the meals around that list.
Breaks: I planned afternoon breaks everyday, as I get over stimulated easily, so I can only imagine how my 5 year old will be! Also, we are from VT, so the heat will get to us!

So now you know a little about us. Here is my plans & I will update you guys as we go, so you can see if my planning worked!! YAY DISNEY!

Day 1, Part 1: Flight
Up by 3:00 AM to drive to the airport to check in. Flying Jet Blue from Vermont to Florida with a layover in NYC. We will be landing in Orlando around 11:30 AM, then taking the Magical Express to Pop Century Resort. I requested an early check in, but have little hope that it will happen (I hear it’s rare). I asked for a room on the bottom floor, near the buses (I don’t want to be carrying my 5 year old up & down stairs at night when she’s zonked out & tired).

Day 1, Part 2: Magic Kingdom / Fantasyland
3:00 - Bus to Magic Kingdom & lots of photos on main st
4:45 - Dinner @ Crystal Palace
RIDES: Mickey’s Philharmagic, Carrousel, Seven Dwarves (FP), La Fou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern, Meet Anna/Elsa (FP), It’s a small world, Visit Rapunzel’s Tower, Peter Pan’s Flight (FP)
9:00 - Bus to Hotel

Day 2: Magic Kingdom / Fantasyland
6:30 – Bus to MK
7:40 - Welcome Show
RIDES: Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Mad Tea Party, Dumbo, Barnstormer, Meet Ariel (FP), Under the Sea, Enchanted Tales with Belle (FP)
9:25 – Breakfast @ Be Our Guest
12:00 - Festival of Fantasy Parade
1:00 – Bus to Hotel, Lunch & Afternoon Break
5:00– Bus to MK
6:00 – Bibbity Boppity Boutique for a Princess Makeover
RIDES: Meet Rapunzel (FP) & Carousel
8:10 - Dinner @ Liberty Tree Tavern
10:00 – July 4th Fireworks
1030-1130 – Bus to Hotel

Day 3: Animal Kingdom
7:00 – Bus to Animal Kingdom
8:10 – Breakfast @ Tusker House
RIDES: Meet Pochantas, Meet Minnie (FP), Kali River Rapids
12:00 – Lunch @ Yak & Yeti
RIDES: Kilmanjaro Safari (FP), Wildlife Express, Conservation Station, Kusafiri Bakery for snack
3:00 – Bus to Pop, Quick Rest and Change in Dresses (our “fancy” dinner night, kiddo wanted a dress up dinner)
5:45 – Taxi to Grand Floridan & Dinner @ 1900 Park Fare
8:00 – Taxi to Pop

Day 4: Magic Kingdom / Frontierland & Adventureland
6:30 – Bus to MK
8:10 – Breakfast @ Cinderella’s Royal Table
RIDES: Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Jungle Cruise, Thunder Mountain RR (FP), Splash Mountain (FP), Country Bear Jamboree
12:00 – Lunch @ Peco’s Bills
12:50 – Pirates League Makeover for Mom & Daughter - girl pirates or mermaids
RIDES: Photos at Swiss Family Tree House & Meet Tinker (FP)
2:30 – Bus to Pop & Rest
6:30 - Taxi to Contemporary
6:55 - Dinner @ The Wave
9:00 – Pirates & Pals Cruise
11:00 – Taxi to Pop

Day 5: Epcot
7:00 – Bus to Epcot
8:30 – Breakfast @ Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
RIDES: Journey into Imagination, What If labs, Soaring (FP), Seas with Nemo
12:15 – Lunch @ Coral Reef
RIDES: Turtle Talk & Seas Exhibits
1:30 - Bus to Pop & Afternoon Break
5:30 – Bus to Epcot
7:00 – Dinner @ The Garden Grill
9:00 – Illuminations
10:00 – Bus to Pop

Day 6: Hollywood Studios
7:00 – Bus to HS
8:05 – Breakfast @ Hollywood & Vine
RIDES: Reserved Seating for Frozen Processional, Disney Jr Live (FP), Toy Story Mania (FP)
12:30 – Lunch @ 50’s Prime Time Café
1:45 – Bus to Pop, Afternoon Break & Dinner
5:00 – Bus to HS
6:00 - Dinner @ Sci-Fi Diner
RIDES: Frozen Sing Along (FP), Star Tours, Reserved Seating for Frozen Fireworks
10:30 – Bus to Pop

Day 7: Magic Kingdom / Tomorrowland
7:00 – Taxi to Polynesian Resort
7:30 – Breakfast @ Ohana
9:00 – Monorail to MK
RIDES: Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear Space Spin (FP), Tomorrowland People Mover, Tomorrowland Speedway (FP), Mad Tea Party
11:30 – Lunch @ Cosmic Ray’s
1:10 – Dream Along with Mickey Show
2:00 – Bus to Pop & Afternoon Break
5:00 – Bus to MK
6:00 - Dinner @ Tony’s Town Square
RIDES: Main St Rail Road to Fantasyland, Meet Minne/Daisy at Pete’s Sideshow, Main St Electrical Parade (FP), Celebrate the Magic, Wishes
11:00 – Bus to Pop

Day 8: Magic Kingdom / Last Day
7:00 – Bus to MK
RIDES: Under the Sea, Barnstormer, Dumbo, Meet Merida, Big Thunder Mountain (FP), Splash Mountain (FP), Magic Carpets of Aladdin
11:00 – Walk to Contemporary
11:50 – Lunch @ Chef Mickey’s
2:00 – Taxi to Pop
3:00 – Magical Express to Airport & Home


I was so hoping to see a TR from you. I’m looking forward to hearing about how this trip goes for you.

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Looks like you have lots of great things planned! Looking forward to hearing how much you enjoy it! :slight_smile: Have a fantastic time!

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Looks like a lot of fun! My biggest concern is how much money is being wasted by eating quick service while paying for deluxe dining. Guessing it is too late to drop that though? Have you priced out all your meals? I am pretty sure you would save a ton of money by paying out of pocket and dropping deluxe dining (even if you had to pay a change fee). Or if you don’t want to change it, maybe make more table service reservations and drop the quick service meals? We find that table service takes just a little bit longer than quick service, and you get much better food plus someone to wait on you (no fumbling with trays). I hope you have a wonderful trip with your daughter!

I had a lot of back & forth on that same issue regarding dining plans. But, when it came down to it, I had 10 table service meals planned (using 11 credits each b/c CRT) and couldn’t find more table service venues that we wanted to try. I’m all ears for any suggestions! Disney told me I could switch it, but I just felt more comfortable having the credits available.

With 7 nights you will have 21 table service credits each. I will find you some good places that you and DD will like. I hate for you to lose all that money. Going to check MDE, I will be back!


After looking at the menu’s… I added Liberty Tree Tavern on Friday night, The Wave (I wanted to be at the Contemp before Pirates Cruise anyway) on Sunday night and Tony’s Town Square on Wednesday night. I think if I added any more reservations, I’d drive myself crazy :wink:


Sounds like a fun trip! Will you update as you go along or after you get back?

My plan is to bring my lap top and make updates as we go each night (as I tend to be a night owl)!


Great! I will be following along for sure!

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I just saw those changes while I was finding you restaurants! Good choices! The only other suggestions I have if you want more is:
Yak and Yeti table service instead of quick. Many more options, air condition which you will want as AK is the hottest feeling of all the parks. Midday will be brutal! Available at noon on 7/4. Also Coral Reef at Epcot, available at 12:20. Not far from where you will be, and kids love the huge aquarium. HS for dinner- Hollywood Brown Derby and Sci-Fi are both available for dinner. You will not regret having a lot of table service during the hot, crowded summer. We do a lot of table service, because I get frustrated waiting in line, trying to carry the food, find a table, get a refill on my drink, and cool off when it is so hot. Being from Vermont, you will be very hot. We live in the Northwest and sweltered in early April. Sounds like a great trip for your DD!

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I really like the suggestions on Yak & Yeti, as well as Coral Reef. I am looking into them! I asked my kiddo about Sci-Fi & she was very sure that she did not want to eat there b/c of the aliens on the big screen, lol!


I finally found FrogToggs! It was on my last “must haves” for packing!


SOMEBODY STOP ME… look what I found at Walmart this morning, while stopping really quick for TSA locks…


Those are cute! :smile:

Tasham-You will love POP and so will your daughter. This will be our 9th stay at POP!
You didn’t mention if you booked preferred pool, preferred, standard pool or standard for your room catagory but I soooo hope you get to stay in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. Those 3 area’s have so many cute, larger than life, icons that I know your daughter will love! I agree with the ground floor eventhough POP does have elevators in every building, the convenience of a ground floor room is our favorite. We had always requested a top floor but last year we were given a ground floor room since our most important request was connecting rooms and we LOVED the ground floor so much that we are requesting one this year.
Are you using the touring plans automatic fax service? If you have your trip set up on your dashboard, you can use the room view site and choose a room with a view you like and they will fax your request 5 days prior to your trip. You can use the filters on the left to help narrow it down to "close to transportation and the room catagory you chose. Sounds like you have a great trip planned and I can’t wait to hear all about it so I am following along.
I agree with Wahoohokie on his recomendations. Yak & Yeti and Coral Reef are both great and you will want to get out of the heat as much as you can. Sci-Fi is my kids FAVORITE place at Disney to eat, cool, dark and quiet makes for a great meal but if she is scared then may in a couple of years.
Have fun! and enjoy every moment of the magic!

You have inspired me. Just ordered them from Amazon. I will be there in 10 days and am dreading the heat.

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@spoerlx3 Thanks for all the encouragement about Pop! I’ve heard good things about it! I requested a room that looks out at the big yo yo… not quite sure what building? But I did the fax option that TP offers, it goes out tomorrow! Ah! I did end up @Wahoohokie booking Yak and Yeti table service and Coral Reef… I showed my daughter the videos about Sci Fi and she now wants to try it… I booked it for dinner the night were at HS, but it may change or we may not stay if she does get scares. I was worried about the heat and when the suggestion came in about more table service, it was confirmation that my original plans to have more reservations was correct. I actually feel soooo relieved having them! @tjkjbarton I tried the froggtoggs and it reduces the temp by 30degrees! Thats incredible!


Project for today was a canvas tote bag for my daughter, so characters could sign it. We bought a plain tote bag for $3.50 at Walmart, with iron on letters for $4.00. She wanted this instead of an autograph book! And sharpies work great! They even have colored sharpies, so you can get variety!


sounds so fun