Live Trip Report: HMB & Keith718 are back!

Whew there was a LINE to get into the pool at opening. I scored a spot I’m hoping stays shady (to protect my ~pasty~ ahem, lily-white skin). The music is loud, but in a festive way. I think I could’ve gone more towards the Yacht Club side and it might be quieter, but my #1 priority was shade.

And the best thing: Goofy and Pluto were here to greet us!! They danced along to Phil Collins. What could be better than this?!? :blush:


Planning on beach club for when we return, happy to read your thoughts on it all!


but…but…that’s heresy! Do you not fear for your very soul? Walt-Jesus demands the faithful hew to the hard, hard road of The Plan. He is a vengeful god that sees all and forgets nothing.

Reckon with this before it destroys you!


Make him wear a pirate shirt :slight_smile:


i agree! you would think the imagineers would’ve figured out a way to have boxes slightly above the water level that they can drop down into during the day.


Except it was never meant to live permanently in the lagoon. That was a late-game decision (and a bad one) related to the time and resources it would take to move those suckers in and out every day


Me and my wife have an inside joke. if its ungodly hot, one of us will say we have water lilies. On LWTL there a part that the narrator says they grow in wet and swampy areas :slight_smile:


I’m sure… it took a while to move the Illuminations barges and they were a quarter of the size. i just have what are probably unreasonable expectations of the imagineers to always do what would normally seem impossible. I’m still blown away every time i see Everest :slight_smile:


FIFY :joy::joy::joy:


Crap! thanks :joy: I just remember Jerry whining he didn’t want to be a pirate :joy:


:rotating_light::rotating_light:We have a liner meet!:rotating_light::rotating_light:

I’ve been wondering if/when I’d ever have a liner meet. And the day is today, in the Epcot DVC lounge, of all places! !! So nice meeting you @galuchies!


Great to meet you as well enjoy the rest of your point burning trip. BW was my 3rd DVC and still my favorite place to stay.


Amazing pic!


So cool! I love a liner meet!


Today has gone by too quickly! We were lucky and kept our shade until we were ready to leave SB. We walked over to Le Cellier—I know lots of people say it’s crowded in normal times, so it was nice to experience it with some distancing.

My steak was pretty good. I kind of wonder if the server thought I said medium-well and not medium-RARE, but it was still tasty. The cheese soup was delicious (but very salty).

Then we went to ride Figment, and then we met @galuchies!

The TP app said Soarin’ was a 15 minute predicted wait, and it was just about spot-on—we waited 17 minutes. Love that ride. After that we literally walked directly onto LWTL; the plastic partitions are the worst and I don’t think it’s worth it to ride until they’re gone. Bleh.

We could see it was about to start storming, so we hopped into SE and then poncho’d up

More in a bit…


Looks like you had the same meal as I. Mine actually came medium rare. We lucked out with the rain, it all came down while we were eating. We went to land after I saw you so we were probably in there around the same time.


Wow that’s crazy! I swear it was never below 30 min the whole time we were there.


Same for me in April and May!


Oooookay where was I!

Ah yes—we thanked the Phoenicians, and knew it was going to be raining when we came out. I switched into my flip flops, because there’s nothing worse than squinchy squelchy shoes and socks! It was indeed pouring, and the wind was cuckoo! We had already planned to head to check into the Boardwalk, so we made our way through the rain back around World Showcase. Poor Keith was wearing jeans and he got VERY WET, even despite the poncho.

BUT YOU GUYS—the rain was all worth it because look at the view from my room!!!

I mean seriously!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: damn.

Since there aren’t any nighttime shows (sigh…) we figured we’d have a drink at Abracadabar. I had the Coney Negroni—delicious. I’ve gotten into cocktails over quarantine (ask me for a picture of my bar cart), and I have come to really appreciate a good drink. This is basically just a boulevardier, with a more fun name. Yummy.

Also I’m giving you more Boardwalk porn (am I allowed to say that?):

So gorgeous.

We grabbed some cookies for dessert at the giftshop, plus some bananas for breakfast. Now it’s time for sleep, because I have a boarding group to snag in less than 8 hours. Wish me luck!


Ah, and one more thing: first impressions of BWV. I did find some brown hairs in the bathroom, so that might have colored my views a bit :see_no_evil: … the rooms are nice, but not quite as new or whimsical as the BCV rooms. The view off my balcony can’t be beat. But the room that shares a connecting door to mine seems to have some youths in it, and I can hear every word they’re saying (shouting). One girl was coughing so forcefully I’m worried she should go get checked for covid.

I will check out the pool area tomorrow and see how that is. We walked by it tonight and it looks pretty cute, so I’m excited to spend some time there midday.

I would give today a big thumbs up. We didn’t do much, and only rode 4 rides, but I am perfectly satisfied :blush:

Gonna go study the thread of tips for getting a boarding group, then bed.