Live Trip Report: HMB & Keith718 are back!

I still wouldn’t want either of them. I grew up in San Francisco and know all about cockroaches! 🪳 In my suburban planned development, :lizard: are king! We have rubbed them over in the garage and driveway. Thankfully, none have made it into our house that we know off.


I am not even there and I hate it. It destroys the sight-lines that I have come to love.


I swear every time I see a pic of WS lagoon it’s like one of those ‘what’s wrong with this photo’ games.


Well, our day has finished somewhat on the early side—but considering that I’ve been up since 5am, that’s probably for the best.

After some pool time, we walked over to Epcot. We didn’t really have any plan, other than to get some tasty treats for dinner. There are a surprising number of things at the F&G booths that look tasty… unless it’s 1000° out and you’re sweating your balls off. Even if you don’t have balls, you still have sweated them off. Like, I do enjoy a shakshuka. Butttt not in this heat. We did have some very yummy stuff though:

I started with the shrimp & crab, and Keith got the pork shank. Both were delicious!

We kept moseying around WS—I wanted the Dunkel from Germany, plus the potato pancake. I ate it too fast so there’s no picture of it… Keith was going to get the ham sandwich on pretzel bread but they were out of pretzel bread. The horror!!!

We sat for a while and just people watched. A cute 2 year old sat down on the ground next to us with his mom and played with a truck. Very cute.

Once we’d finished our beers, we kept walking. Nothing struck our fancy food-wise until we got to Trowel & Trellis, where we each got one of the impossible short ribs. It was as good (even better!) than everyone says. That was DELICIOUS. And surprisingly filling.

The sunset was gorgeous tonight; don’t let me grumble about the star gate in the background…

We also stopped for some pineapple beers—we flirted with the idea of popping over to ride spaceship earth, but we were both fading fast. So we walked back to BCV and now it’s time for a shower and bed.

All in all, a successful day 1! Tomorrow is a sleep-in morning. We want to take advantage of Stormalong Bay, so we’ll spend the morning there and then head to Epcot.

Also, this is my reminder to myself to buy sunscreen. (Keith if you’re reading this—we forgot to buy some!!!)


I was reeeeally hoping that maybe it wouldn’t be as ugly as it appears in pictures.


They really are as huge and hideous as everyone says they are. Sigh.


I say this all the time.

“I’m sweating my balls off”

“You don’t even have balls”

“Exactly. I sweated them off”


THANK YOU—this is very accurate. As we were leaving Epcot I turned to Keith and said, “I don’t even have balls but I sweated them off!” Whew. The heatwave we just had at home prepared me well for this, I think. But oooh it’s steamy.


I used to march in a drum & bugle corps in my very distant past (when I was young and had far more energy). One of the instructors used to chide the horn line to play “with balls,” but while the line was mostly guys, there were a few ladies playing horns. In order to help the handful of young ladies out, they gave each of them a hair tie to wrap around the mouthpiece of their horns…that way everyone could play “with balls.” :rofl:



I totally remember those hair ties! My sisters used to have them. Are they still a thing? My daughters have never had them.


What did you think of the Kokomora float? I can’t wait to try it!

Great pictures!


I was thinking the first Final Destination movie…class trip, airplane, some kids get off plane…and I can type that because you have safely landed now.


Loving all the photos!!!
Nice sunset, even with the Star Cruiser Sweaty Balls in the distance. :sunglasses:
ETA; Liking your beer style. How was the pineapple beer?


It was pretty tasty. I wish there’d been less of the soft serve and more pineapple juice, because the coconut soft serve is kind of… bland? But it really worked when you got a bite of that and a sip of the juice.

I concur with @OBNurseNH that the cake pop was disgusting.


I thought it was delicious! I got the wicked weed pineapple mango guava one. Keith got the… other one that I don’t remember. His was good, mine was so yummy. Just the right balance of fruity without being sweet. Still had the bitterness I like in beer, but with some tropical notes too. Highly recommend. :sunglasses::pineapple:


Good morning from the beach club—looks like it’s going to be another scorcher! Keith and I are going to spend the morning/midday at Stormalong, then head to Le Cellier for a late lunch / geriatrically early dinner.

Then I think we will do Future World and the Seas. Gotta say hi to the manatees and thank the Phoenicians!

In our past six (!) trips, I’d never scheduled us for a real sleep-in day, but this might start being a thing from now on. We hit the ground running yesterday and it’s so nice to not have to leap out of bed to RD our first real morning. Hopefully we can find some shade at the pool!


We’re staying at Beach Club for the first time in Feb, so looking forward to the impressions of stormalong bay.


I am having a later dinner at LeCellier. I try to get there once on each trip


We went in late June in 2018 because we thought (ha ha) going that early in the summer the weather wouldn’t be bad. Boy were we wrong. Holy cow, I don’t think I’ve ever been that hot and I spend summers in the sticky NE. I think what compounded it was trying to tour like usual, rushing from here to there. It just made everyone miserable. Even if you don’t get everything done, you’ve got to build in more breaks when its steamy.


It’s the best pool on property, no contest. We added this extra night at BCV in part because I had an extra vacation day to use, but also because we thought it would be so nice to spend some time at this pool. I had hoped to book a cabana but LOLOLOL they all get booked at 60 days + 1 minute. And I spent like two hours on hold to find this out. Sigh.

OOH ETA: Being here in Feb will hopefully be perfect weather. I’ll cross my fingers for you.


This is 100% accurate. We also came in late June of 2018 and thought we were going to melt into the ground. It is SURFACE OF THE SUN hot in June. And September. It might be worse in September.

I am hoping this trip will be even more successful than previous ones because this is exactly what my plan is. I mean, it’s always my plan to take midday breaks, but even so, at the parks I am not going to make us rush anywhere. And you gotta drink a LOT of water to compensate for the aforementioned ball-sweating-off.