Live Trip Report: 5/1/24-5/6/24 - Two Laughing Ladies Named ET

WHO: my 14 year old daughter and I
WHERE: Universal’s Cabana Bay
WHEN: 5/1/2024 to 5/6/2024
TICKETS: 5 days of 3 park-to-park tickets

Last time we went to Universal was in May of 2021, which was during COVID restrictions (masks & many food stands/restaurant closures). So this time, I am hoping to provide everyone with a better “trip report”.


Sounds like a great trip!


Great plan!


I like your plan! I was bummed out the closing time for IoA changed from 8 to 7 on 5/5 and 5/6, but looks like that won’t affect you all.


I’m so jealous!


Funny you say that, I actually changed my plans from IOA in the evenings because of that change in closing times!!! I was looking forward to dark hours :frowning:

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@darkmite2 Im jealous of your profile photo!!! Last time we went, you gave me the advice on how to get the photo with ET… thank you again… then day of, they made me take the photo with my mask on… so this time I’m prioritizing this bike photo!!! It’s a must do!!!


It’s definitely available! Good luck getting your photo!

I took another one last year. It’s almost identical. I wish I had planned it out better. This year I’m going to do it again. I still have that shirt!


Now that I’m in single digits, I’m starting to pack for the trip. Hoping to keep our luggage down to carry on only… D14 seems to want to pack her whole closet. :upside_down_face:

How else would she have what she needs? :alien: :rofl:

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We’re officially down to two carry on’s and two backpacks. I’m worried we won’t have room for souvenirs lol :joy: I’m famous for buying all the specialty cups…

Does anyone know where the taxi stands are at MCO (I usually hire a car, so they meet us at the escalator and walk us to their car but it was too expensive this time for some reason)? Are they close to Uber pick ups?

My thoughts are to try for UBER, but if it looks like it will take forever, just jump in a taxi. But that won’t work if they are distances apart.

From the MCO website:
Terminal A
Ground Transportation Curb (Level 1) in spaces A22-A25

Terminal B
Ground Transportation Curb (Level 1) in spaces B30-B34

Terminal C
Arrivals Curb (Level 6)

Ride Share:
All Ride Share companies (such as Uber, Lyft and Wingz) may pick-up passengers on the Arrivals Curb at:

  • Terminal A (Level 2) and on Level 3 between 9:00pm and 2:00am
  • Terminal B (Level 2) and on Level 3 between 9:00pm and 2:00am
  • Terminal C (Level 6)

They’re just one floor apart, Ride Share directly above the Taxi area in the main terminal, just an escalator or elevator ride away.

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Awesome! Thanks :pray:t2:

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I had to change some things up a bit - another liner mentioned the Luau at RPR and I didn’t realize they had this!!! So I added that in on my Saturday plans, which was perfect because I am already planning on Volcano Bay all day with Premium Seats to relax after a long-long day at Disney the day before. So to have this awesome Luau dinner to end the day… PERFECTION. I cannot wait.

This meant I had to move around my Wand Adventures. So I am planning on using my Monday to EE IOA for Hogsmead & Ollivanders… then doing US in the evening for Diagon Alley. FYI - I have been to UOA before, so I normally would tell first timers to do things the other way around — starting with Diagon and moving into Hogsmead — however it makes more sense in my plans to do it the other way this time.

Can’t wait! Only 3 more days to go!!!


That sounds like a great way to end a day at VB. I’ll look forward to a recap of your trip!!!

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Suitcases & personal items packed and placed in the trunk of my car. We leave for the airport at 3:00 AM for our 5:30 AM flight. Woot woot! UOR here I come…


Dang! Impressive to have all that packed so early (at least for our family!)

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I work today until 6 PM, then head home to make dinner & try to go to bed early. So I was trying to get prepared. 2:30 AM comes really quickly!!!

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Car is packed. 2:30 am alarm is set. Taking some medicine and trying to go to sleep…


Are you the Extra or Terrestrial?