Live-ish trip report with three littles! 9/2-9/12

I have loved following along. You all have had the nicest time! And your littles are absolutely adorable!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. I’m so glad to hear someone saying nice things about the regular food at B&C, because honestly, their burgers were a “must do” for me 20 years ago. I’ve been bummed out doing research because no one ever talks about B&C’s fries any more!

  2. YES, please, more salty carbies, less gooey sticky sweetsies! I’m totally with you on this. :grinning:


I thought it was really good! I didn’t get the fries but all our food was delicious.

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Last day :weary: We got to to HS around 8:10 today and DH and DD5 went straight to SDD when they let everyone free at 8:30. They waited about 10 mins and then we raced over to MMRR (DD2s favorite). The wait there was also about 10 mins. After that we went back to TSL and rode TSMM, Aliens, and then redeemed our RS for SDD (DD5 and me).

Then it was time for our BG for ROTR - DH and DD5 rode today because she didn’t want to do it again on our last HS day. The “guy in the black suit” aka Kylo Ren scared her. DH was able to convince her to ride today because he could protect her better than mom :joy:

When they were done we grabbed an early lunch at DB7 because I’ve been dreaming about the kefta for the last week… SO good! We went back to the hotel for nap after. Here’s another baby napping photo just because :slight_smile:


We relaxed at the hotel again for awhile today. DD5 caught up on more schoolwork and we packed a little.

We went back to the park around 5:30 and grabbed dinner at Woody’s Lunch Box. I had the brisket melt and it was pretty good! I know seating can be an issue there but we were able to find a table easily.

When we were done eating DH took the girls to ride Aliens again while I nursed the baby. They love that ride so much - and it’s great that the wait is usually minimal.

After Aliens we went to guest relations to upgrade our tickets to APs. Over the last 1.5 years we’ve bought DVC (more than one contract… oops) and become annual passholders! We’ll be back in late May/early June for our 2022 family trip and hoping for a kid-free trip in August.

Our last ride was MMRR. We waited about 20 mins an hour before park close. I enjoy it more each time I ride… it’s so fun! We took this pic as we were exiting. Seemed fitting for the last ride of the trip!

Last up for the night was an Oga’s reservation. The drinks were delicious and it was super cool walking through an empty SWGE after park close.

Unfortunately that’s it for this trip… I’m so sad to be leaving tomorrow! It never gets easier. Thankfully we’ll be back home in 8 months :heart:


Waiting on DME :weary:


Safe travels home! Thanks again for an awesome report!

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This was delightful. Thanks for sharing.

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What an awesome trip report, I’m impressed you were able to see so much with three little children! Thanks for the information on the ratatouille preview, my reservation is for 9/15, can’t wait!

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Now that we’re home I wanted to gather a few final thoughts while they’re fresh on my mind:

  1. COVID - we’ve been really, really cautious with COVID and this was by far the riskiest thing we’ve done (other than DD5 being in public school I guess). We felt safe most of the time due to lack of crowds and great mask compliance. Some of the preshows made us a little uncomfortable (HM comes to mind) as did some indoor dining. No one has come down with COVID-like symptoms and we all tested negative yesterday… we’ll probably test again in a few days.

  2. Dining - we had so many good dining experiences this trip but our favorite by far was Topolino’s. Other standouts were GG, Skipper Canteen, 50’s and BOG.

  3. Crowd levels - these were amazing. Other than the Sat/Sun of Labor Day weekend the walkways were pretty empty. I think our longest wait was for TSMM which temporarily closed when we were in line. Other than that 90%+ of our waits were 0-10 mins.

  4. Hotel - this was our second time staying at BWV (in a 1 bedroom). We absolutely love it - so much that we bought a DVC resale contract there after our last stay. The location is so convenient and we love the ambiance of the Boardwalk at night. Our next stay will be in a 2 bedroom in May - we’re excited for a little more space!

  5. Kids - man, going from 2 to 3 kids at Disney was a challenge. Multiple kids to juggle during rider switch, two kids in diapers, sometimes more than one kid crying :rofl: We definitely moved at a slower pace this trip but I didn’t mind at all. As long as we don’t throw another kid into the mix I think things should get easier in future trips!

  6. Transportation - we had really good luck with buses. Most of the time there was a bus waiting or we waited less than 5 minutes. I think we had two separate occasions with a 20 ish minute wait which isn’t terrible for a 10 night trip. Skyliner was also great. We only used it to get to Topolino’s but we really enjoyed the ride and it was quick.

  7. Rides - DD5’s favorites were EE, SDD, and Space and DD2’s were MMRR, Pooh, and IASW. I really enjoyed this trip because I wasn’t pregnant and could actually ride my favorites again (EE and TOT).

  8. No FPP - even though we didn’t have any long waits, we missed FPP. There were a few instances where we skipped rides because of lines - the little kids just can’t handle super long waits. It kind of solidified that we’ll begrudgingly be purchasing Genie/LL… it’s probably worth it for us.

I think that’s it for this trip! I’m glad to be home but also sad it’s over… now I’ve gotta start planning to the next one. Only 8 months to go :wink: