Live-ish trip report with three littles! 9/2-9/12

Hello! We’re arriving to Boardwalk Villas (one of our DVC homes) tonight and thought I’d try to do a trip report. Our traveling party is me, DH, DD5, DD2, and DS5mo. I don’t know how often I’ll update but wanted to document the trip so I can look back when I’m missing Disney.

We went back and forth on whether we were going to take this trip for a LONG time. I’m still a little nervous about it but we’re moving forward with our pediatrician’s blessing. DH and I are vaccinated (got mine at the very end of pregnancy so DS should have antibodies). Ironically we’re probably safer at Disney than at home - kids are in public school/childcare with very low masking and high case counts in TX. We tested yesterday as a precaution and all came back negative. As is probably apparent from my rambling, I’m still not sure we’re making the right decision. No turning back now!

We have two days per park and one full rest day. We usually go pretty hard but this is our first trip with three kids so we’ll be slowing down a little! Our general plan is to rope drop and stay through lunch, head back to hotel for naps, and go back to parks for dinner and more rides. Hopefully this will allow us to avoid crowds and the worst heat of the day! We will probably be skipping HEA to avoid the masses :weary: and cancelled our Raglan Road reservation as I’ve heard DS has been packed.

Here’s hoping low crowds continue through the next 10 days :crossed_fingers:t2:


Safe travels!!! Looking forward to whatever updates you’re able to share! That’s a busy little crew you’ve got in tow! It will be so much fun :smiley:


Have a great trip!!


Oh, yay! Have fun.


Hooray! I hope y’all have the best time!

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Have a wonderful trip!!

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Girls are ready to go to the airport! Flight has already been delayed 30 mins… hopefully no more.


SO CUTE!!! :heart_eyes:



adorable!!! safe travels!


How cute are they with their matching outfits?!?


Best part of having two little girls is dressing them in matching outfits :joy: Gotta do it while I can - soon enough the oldest one won’t play along!


I don’t know… I knew twins in college and they still dressed the same.

Can’t wait for more trip pics of those cuties!

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Made it through security (a feat with 3 kids)! Now just hanging in the Admiral’s Lounge until our flight. I swear this is one of the most exciting parts for DD5 and DD2. They love the snacks!


Flight went well for the most part. DD2 had a massive tantrum the last 15 minutes of the flight but that’s life with a two year old.

We were lucky and got on DME with no wait but were the last stop of four. How does that always happen to us?! We’re in our room (a 1 BR) and kids are settling in for the night. Also experienced a first today - we got a free upgrade! Just going from a standard view to a garden/pool view but still nice.

We’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to hit up AK. As long as wait times hold we should be able to experience most of the major attractions by lunch. I’m particularly excited for FOP - although this is trip #5 for us in the last 4 years I’ve never ridden it! Small children, multiple pregnancies, etc…


We’ll be at AK on Sept 17th for my birthday, so I’m definitely excited to hear about y’all’s adventure there today and the crowds! Have a blast!!! (And FOP is AMAZING! I hope you love it!)


We caught the first bus from Boardwalk at 7:00 am and got through taps at 7:30.

First up was FOP with DD5 which was amazing! Then Navi which the whole family.

Now waiting in the shade with DD2 and a napping baby while DH and DD5 ride Dinosaur. Crowd levels are amazing. Seriously, walkways are empty…


Great start to the day!! I’m so glad to hear that the crowds are low for you! It’s so much easier mentally and physically to get around when it’s wide open like that.


Not a person in sight.


WHOA. Your five year old liked FoP?! Mine was scarred from it… sounds like you’re off to a great start. Also, adorable dresses!


She’s a daredevil! She’s been riding since last trip when she was 4 (she’s really tall).