Lion King Dining Package -- Boy, was that worth it!


Just returned from the World and was able to do a few special experiences. One amazing one I want to endorse is the Lion King Dining Package (“Tier 1”). First, it was $99 each, so definitely not cheap. However, if you have any desire to eat at Tiffin’s anyhow, you need to do this before it’s scheduled to leave in late November.

We (two adults) started with lunch at Tiffin’s at 2:00. We were each given a glass of champagne and a short explanation of the amazing artwork in the restaurant. The service was wonderful and felt very personal. Then we were given a menu and allowed to choose anything – one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert – plus a glass of wine or beer or a signature cocktail. The food was AMAZING. The meal alone would have been at least $90 each given what we ordered (including surf & turf that was listed at $59).

At the end of our meal we were given VIP lanyards and a cast photo of the Lion King show. We were told to report to the exit of the arena for the Lion King show around 3:45.

At 3:45 we reported and were escorted to the FRONT row. We were also told to stay seated after the show and wait for a cast member. I have seen this show several times, but I have never appreciated it as much as I did from that vantage point. Awesome.

After the show, there were a total of 16 of us with VIP lanyards who were escorted by two animal experts to our own personal safari. The vehicle and the route were the same as the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, but we were treated to tons of behind-the-scenes details as well as time to ask any questions we wanted (and no line).

The whole afternoon was amazing. Again for close to $100 it was a splurge, but no more than a meal at Tiffin’s would have been. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who might be thinking about it.


Thank you for the report! I’m making a list of possible birthday ideas, and since I love the Safari AND FOTLK, this one is high up on my list.

One question: Did you pay when booking or when you ate?


Have they extended this package?


Oh, I don’t know. I still have a way to go until my 180+ day mark.


I did t think to look for February!


Currently only through November 21st😩


Oh, that one is well covered. My birthday is in July. :slight_smile:

Drat. Fingers crossed they extend it. My list of things I’m pondering right now is pretty short. The Poly may end up being the special thing. Well, that and the Disney Dream double dip cruise after (2 stops at Castaway).


I too am hoping they will bring it back. I am hoping February but August would be good too!