Lion King Dining Package -- Boy, was that worth it!


This sounds amazing! When do they release for the later months? We’re going in June, but it’s still in gray. Just curious if these dining options maybe have a smaller reservation window than the 180 days.


Since we did lunch, that was first, then we were on our own with some time to kill before the Lion King show / safari. The show and the safari take place together (with the same people) but Tiffin’s is on your own. The server knows you’re on the package, but it’s not like you are with others on the package.

For you guys, you will probably do the show and the safari then you’ll be sent on your way to do whatever you want until your 6:30 dinner. You could probably fit a FP or two in there somewhere.




The package is now available in July! I just booked June.


It is open in June now, I just booked mine!


I got ours too! I would never have booked it had I not seen this review. I’m so excited!!


Awesome! Me Too! I am hoping they keep the menu the same, someone in here mentioned possible menu changes for this? It is easily worth the price since they allow you to order anything off the Tiffins menu (The entree I really want to try is the wagyu beef and lobster tail, this is $65 alone!). If they change it to only select menu items, possibly nixing the wagyu, I will be a little bummed I think!


I don’t normally post, but wanted to thank you for this! I have booked for our trip in May and really looking forward to it! @8lovesmickey


It is fabulous! Our lunch there with the 3 courses and a glass of wine was more than the cost of the package. Truly worth it.


So, wait for the stupid question, the FOLK is a few selected songs/segments from the Lion King musical?


Well, I haven’t seen the LK musical. But the show does contain songs from the movie. It’s singing, dancing, acrobatics. It’s awesome!!


It is a really fun show to see. You should definitely go see it


as in 2019?


That post is from October. When the package was first announced to was announced as ending on November 21st. They have extended it way past that date.


Do you tip your server or is tip included in the package? If you do tip, what do you base the tip on cost-wise?


The tax and tip are not included. You should tip based on how you tip. We tip, as a rule 20%. so since it is $99 per adult and there are 2 of us, that is right at a $40 tip. That is me and I do base it on the service, not the food. We are going to V&A for the Chef’s table on March 9, 2019 and there are 2 of us, It will be $500 for the meal and that is if we do not have any glasses of wine. We are planning on tipping at least $100 for this meal. My rule for tipping has been if we can’t afford to leave a tip then we can’t afford to eat there. This applies to all Disney meals that are sit down, either a regular sit down, a character, a buffet, a signature meal. It is always based on the service. I’ve had excellent food but not good service and that is a smaller tip. I’ve had not great food but the service was exceptional and that means a bigger tip.


I see it posted here at $105.44

I have been told that includes the tax. Since there are three of us I am planning that amount for the meal plus at least 20% tip.


If I remember, I was figuring that for the 2 of us, it would be roughly just over $250 with the tax and tip for my wife and I.


Yay! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did :slight_smile:


It’s a much shorter less intense/scary version of the musical. There are four “narrators” in beautiful costumes and each one oversees one section of the audience. The narrators also sing (sort of a ‘greatest hits’), plus there are amazing acrobatics and four floats from the old Lion King parade. The audience also does some “participation” in the form of sound effects and singing, and some of the younger audience members get to join a parade. I have seen it multiple times (only once with the package) and it’s awesome every time.