Linking with friends' children on MDE

Bear with me, just trying to provide as much info as possible and hope someone has the answer :smile:

We have 3 groups visiting (3 separate reservations) and trying to coordinate some days together.
Group 1: Myself (AP) and adult DD23 (park hopper through UCT); hotel through MVT.
Group 2: Friend and her DD13 (hotel and park hoppers from MVT).
Groups 1 & 2 are arriving and departing on the same days.
Group 3: Cousin (AP), her DH, and their DD4 (hotel and tix through Disney).
Group 3 is arriving 3 days later than groups 1 & 2.

When making ADRs for different combinations of the 3 groups, I discovered that even though I’m linked with all of the adults, the 2 children (13 yo in group 2 and 4 yo in group 3) are not listed as Family and Friends and I could not add them to any dining reservations. I worked around this by just choosing others from my list, as I know it won’t matter.

However, I know this will be a problem when trying to book FPPs for the group. So, how do I get the kids to show up in my list?

I’m assuming the 2 kids are just listed on their Mom’s MDE account. And the adults all definitely have the “sharing plans” box ticked.

The kids need to be linked to your account in order for you to be able to book FPs for them. I think you need to invite them to link to you by using their name as it appears in their Mom’s account with her email address. Use the website for that, not the app.

If that doesn’t work, or you can’t figure out how to do it, I would try asking your Friend and Cousin to invite you to link to the kids through MDE. Like you’ve already done with them but in reverse and as if they were the kids. Then make sure everyone has the “sharing plans” box ticked.

Once you accept the invite, they should the appear on your F&F list.

If that doesn’t work, then maybe a phone call to IT is in order.

Paging @PrincipalTinker, @AuntB_luvsDisney to check I’ve got this right. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am trying to remember the issue with children. Why am I thinking that only parents can control a child BUT there may be a work around?

You absolutely can link children who are managed by another adult/MDE account. Here are instructions to do so. Linking Family and Friends in MDE

Now these instructions were made prior to the MDE craziness so I can’t guarantee they are working exactly the same.


I went looking and found this

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Not gonna lie, I’m slightly disappointed :confounded:

I tried everything I could and can’t seem to find a workaround.

I am reading that section as saying that since you are not the person that created the profile you cannot manage it. I guess the “work around” would be to log in as the manager of that account (linked to all other adults)?

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I’ve been having problems too. Interestingly, I can connect with the niece of one of my friends on MDE but not the daughter of another. Both girls are 12 and do not have their own accounts I chatted with CM on MDE and they were surprised that it didn’t work and assured me that a call to IT could fix it. Hope they are right.

Did you try the steps @AuntB_luvsDisney linked to?

I don’t read the FAQ as meaning you can’t book for kids of friends, but I guess it depends what “managed by” means. So you can’t manage your friend’s child, but you should still be able to include them in a group if your friend is also in the group. At least, that’s how I read it.

At what point did you run into difficulty? Just that their names weren’t listed?

So if you put in their name and age, as in the step by step example, and send the email to their Mom, does that work? You’ll need the email address, but I assume you have that if your friend and cousin are linked to you.

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This doesn’t work (at least for me) b/c when I add the child’s name and age, MDE says that this person is not eligible to have an account (aka under 13) and that if I add them, I will manage all plans for this person.

@Nickysyme, you think this means something different than controlling all of their plans?

Tbh, I don’t know. But I thought managing plans meant just that, being in control over the reservation and tickets. Linking to make FPs is different IMO.

There must be a way to do this surely? They have the friends and family list for a reason, I suspect this has been screwed by the “magical enhancements”.

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I just tested it and it is NOT working correctly. I have done this many many times so I am confident it is not user error but MDE issues. You might have to call to have IT fix it for you.


Did you try adding via a last name and confirmation number? (of course this will only work if they are onsite) see linked instructions above.

You can’t “manage it” but you can make FP, add to dining, add to resort reservation etc. The only thing you won’t be able to do if you are “friends” and not the manager is approve the profile to become friends with someone else or edit the name/DOB. Only the manager can do that!

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I did.

I can’t include them in plans because I can’t link to them or see them anywhere. If I ‘add name and age,’ it just creates a whole new child.

I did try this and it wouldn’t work, maybe due to an IT problem?

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Yes I believe it is a system issue. Someone said refresh FP was not working well either. If you can wait a few days then try again, I would do that. If you are on a deadline, call Disney IT to fix it for you!

OK, thank you :slight_smile: